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My Celica

Here I am competing in a local motorkhana.
The car is not really competitive (I race against turbos and 4WDs)
but it is cheap and lots of fun.

The photo favours it a bit more than reality by hiding the rust and paint flakes.
I didnít even wash the thing.
The tyres are not bald on the outside edge,
they are semi competition tyres (Yokohama A008RTUís) left over from my racing days.
Rim offset is pretty mean but it corners low, flat and beautiful.

With road tyres.

I think the US have a different panel with the number plate in it.
Australian models put the number plate under the rear bumper (no plastic here Joe).

The interior has been sprayed in grey over the original vinyl.
The dash pad was remade from just the frame because the original material had all turned to a sticky wretched dust.
The radio panel had to be remade because of "alterations" by the previous owner.

This is my son when he was 11 months old.
Start them young.

But you can't drive without learning simple maintenance.
So when he was 2 years old I taught him to change wheels.

The wheel brace was a bit too hard for him.

So I gave him some power tools. Much easier.

Now roll the wheel around a bit.

Make sure to do the wheel nuts.

When he was 3 years old I gave him some spanners to do some minor adjustments.

He seems to be enjoying it.

Hmmm, I should have told him when to stop.

Some tyres.

185x75x14 225x60x14 205x60x14 205x60x13 185x75x13

205x60x13 Yokohama A008R-S
Rebel rim
Toyota GT rim
205x60x14 Bridgestone RE710
Cheviot rim
225x60x14 Bridgestone Eager
1984 Celica GT-S rim
Toyota standard rim

Tech specs

Body 1977 RA28 LT2000 (Australian spec)
Engine 18R-G 2000cc twincam from Japan
twin 45DCOE Webers
2" exhuast with 4-2-1 factory manifold
lumpy cams of unknown duration
9.7 compression ratio (oversized stock pistons)
air filter pod
high volume oil pan
balanced to allow 8000rpm
electric fan
TA45 GT pedal (not floor hinged) with cable (not rods)
electronic ignition from an 18R-GU
118BHP @ 6000rpm at the rear wheels (estimate 155HP at flywheel)
Tyres 205x55x15 and 225x50x15 on 15x6"-20 1984 Celica GT-S rims (daily driving)
195x50x15 and 205x55x15 on 15x6"-20 1984 Celica GT-S rims (racing)
Exterior Blaze Blue (above pics are before respray)
GT grill
GT badges
twin American GT external mirrors
slightly flared rear wheel guards
lots of new rubber seals
Interior matte grey
1984 JDM Supra GT-S seats with adjustable side bolsters
MX61 Cressida wooden steering wheel (from the factory, real wood, not immitation)
leather look dash with stitching
central locking
electric windows using MA45 Supra motors
Suspension Kings Springs (lower and stiffer)
Monroe shocks
24mm MX61 Cressida front anti-sway bar
K-Mac top hats for camber adjustment
Supra MA45 rear disc brakes
4.100:1 LSD


The Celica Car Club of WA has a monthly entry in MotorChallenge.
This is where they set up traffic cones on a skid pan at the Wanneroo Kart track.
We compete against other clubs with MR2's, 200SX's, Porsches, Fiats and many others.
Results haven't been so good due to other teams having turbos but this year we plan to add supercharged engines and sort the suspension and brakes out.
Best result so far has been to beat the Porsche team by 0.01 of a second on a particularly twisty course.

The car also gets an occasional run at Wanneroo (Western Australia) race track on practice days (my wife freaks every time I mention real racing).
As bought with a stock 18R-G (6000rpm max) it was about 1:30.
With suspension mods it went down to 1:08 on the short circuit.
The new engine hasn't been on the track yet.
I used to race a Datsun 1200 here at Wanneroo, so these times are pretty accurate for this car.
Biggest improvements were due to changing to the race tyres (no more understeer) and the lowered suspension.
Better lap time will need camber adjustments (rubber still not quite flat on the black top but the 13" tyres stay flatter than the 14" tyres).

Last updated 27 Dec 2007