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Mick's V8 Celica

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Mechanical changes

Body 1977 RA28 LT2000 (Australian spec)
Radiator VN-VP Commodore V8 3 core radiator
Cooling 2x 10in. Davies Craig thermo fans
Engine cross member Corona (1985?)
Engine mounts Hi-lux 4x4
Gearbox cross member. Set back 50mm
Engine computer. Haltec e6x
Air filter. Pod
Oil filter remote
Fuel system.
Carter high volume primary pump
Commodore VL EFI secondry pump
2 EFI filters
1 litre surge tank
70 litre drop tank
Exhaust. Custom headers, mandrel 65mm.twin system
2 cats, 2 turbo mufflers
Brake master cylinder. Landcruiser MC, Camry fluid container
Suspension, front Commodore lowered springs
Suspension, rear Kings springs
Shocks Mazda RX7 front
Gabriel gas, rear
Steering Corona steering column
Lexus power steering rack
Mazda rx7 hubs
Strut brace Whiteline
Sway bars Kmac - 24mm front, 20mm rear
Brakes Mazda rx7 4 spot calipers and vented rotors, front
Ford xr8 2 spot calipers and rotors, rear
Ford hand brake cable
Gearbox. Supra w58 5 speed
Mookei short shifter
Hadfield bellhousing adapter kit
Clutch Xtreme heavy duty pressure plate
Xtreme cushion button clutch plate
Tailshaft Falcon XR8 tailshaft, shortened
Rear end Falcon XR8 live axle, shortened
LSD, 3.90 gears
Wheels Speedy 15x7 5 stud front
Speedy 15x8 5 stud rear
Tyres BF Goodrich 215x60x15 front
BF Goodrich 255x60x15 rear
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Last updated 25 May 2008