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Carina history

The Carina AA63 has recently become a premier classic
but for most of the Carina's life it has been hidden in the shadow of the Celica.
The Carina was not available for all years in all countries, so it was not very conspicuous.
We hope you enjoy this pictorial history.
This page was translated from Fumio Kaiho's Japanese pages.

1st generation - A1#, A3# (FR)

TA10 First model

1400 Sedan On 28th September 1970, Toyota u nveiled their new
Celica and Carina compact cars at the 17th Tokyo Motor Show.
It was first sold on 1st December 1970.
You had a choice of 2 or 4 door sedans and the
engine choices were 1400cc (T) or 1600cc (2T) OHV engines.
The 1600cc ST had the twin carb 2T-B engine and a 5 speed gearbox
if you chose manual transmission (5 speeds was still unusual at that time).
The 1600cc GT was added in April 1971.

Early minor change

1600cc GT Sedan Sedan 1600cc GT 2 door and 1600cc Super Deluxe 4 door.
Minor change in August 1972.
Safety, anti-pollution measures and vertical tail lights were added.
The engine hood was extended by 20mm.

TA17 Hardtop 1600 GT

1600GT hardtop In December 1972, the rear quarter fin and the wide tail of the hardtop led to explosive sales.
Sales of the hardtop were as big as the 1600GT.

Early minor change

1600GT 4 door Hardtop 2000GT 2 door with twincam.


1600GT 4 door Sedan 1600GT 4 door.


RA30 .

1400 sedan
1600GT sedan
1600GT hardtop
1600GT 4 door
2000GT hardtop

2nd generation - A4# (FR)

3rd generation - A6# (FR)

4th generation - T15# (FF)

5th generation - T17# (FF)

6th generation - T19# (FF)

7th Generation - T200

SR models


Last updated 27 Dec 2007