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Toyota abbreviations

Thanks to Mitch Templar for lending me his "Toyota Vehicle Identification Manual".
Most of these abbreviations were copied from this manual.

abbrev meaning
# all numbers within series
* all letters
(D) for domestic
E for export
(J) products produced in Japan
(L) products produced outside Japan
03S 3 seater
04S 4 seater
05S 5 seater
09S 9 seater
1SR single speed rear axle
1ST first
1T 1 ton
2D 2 door
2DH 2 door hardtop
2DS 2 door sedan
2DV 2 door van
2DW 2 door station wagon
2FC 2 speed automatic transmission, floor shift
2HC 2 speed automatic transmission, column shift
2ND second
2SR speed rear axle
2WD 2 wheel drive
3D 3 door
3DS 3 door sedan
3-speed 3 speed manual transmission
3F 3 speed manual transmission, floor shift
3FC 3 speed automatic transmission, floor shift
3H 3 speed manual transmission, column shift
3HC 3 speed automatic transmission, column shift
3QT 3/4 ton
3RD third
4D 4 door
4DH 4 door pillared hardtop
4DS 4 door sedan
4DV 4 door van
4DW 4 door station wagon
4-SPEED 4 speed manual transmission
4F 4 speed manual transmission, floor shift
4FC 4 speed automatic transmission, floor shift
4H 4 speed manual transmission, column shift
4HC 4 speed automatic transmission, column shift
4TH fourth
4WD 4 wheel drive
5D 5 door liftback
5DS 5 door sedan (liftback)
5F 5 speed manual transmission, floor shift
5FC 5 speed automatic transmission, floor shift
5FD 5 speed manual transmission, direct drive
5FO 5 speed manual transmission, overdrive
5H 5 speed manual transmission, column shift
5HC 5 speed automatic transmission, column shift
5TH fifth
5F 5 speed manual transmission, floor shift
5FC 5 speed automatic transmission, floor shift
5H 5 speed manual transmission, column shift
5HC 5 speed automatic transmission, column shift
6TH sixth
10S 10 seater
11S 11 seater
12S 12 seater
15S 15 seater
20T 2.0 ton
22S 22 seater
25T 2.5 ton
26S 26 seater
30T 3.0 ton
35T 3.5 ton
40T 4.0 ton
125 1.25 ton
& and

abbrev meaning
A amperes
A20 A20 transmission, 2 speed automatic
A3O A30 transmission, 3 speed automatic
A4O A40 transmission, 3 speed automatic
A4OD A40D transmission, 4 speed automatic
AAP auxillary acceleration pump
ABS anti-lock brake system
ABDC after bottom dead centre
ABV air by-pass valve
ACB access cab
A/C air conditioning
A/C kit dealer or port installed A/C unit
ADD automatic disconnecting differential
AI air injection
AK Akebono
ALT alternator
AMP ampere
ARCTIC for arctic countries
ARL for Australian market
ARS manufacturer
AP air pump
ASCO Aisin Seiki Company Ltd.
ASSY assembly
ASV air switching valve
ASV advance safety vehicle
ATDC after top dead centre
ATM automatic transmission
AWD all wheel drive
AXC axle code
B.GRAY brownish grey
BBDC before bottom dead centre
BCI battery council international
BEAMS breakthrough engine with advanced mechanism system
BLUE M. blue metallic
BN bench seat
BTDC before top dead centre
BTP B type (-B models) ie basic model
BTR bonnet truck (except dump truck)
BUL bulletin
BUS bus (commuter)
BX Bendix
CBU completely built unit
Ch.B choke breaker
Ch.O choke opener
CHF clean hydrocarbon fuel
CITIZEN Rhythm Watch Company Ltd.
CM centimetres
CP coupe
Cd coefficient of drag
COPEN compact open
CR-PLATED chrome plated
CTR cab over truck
CW coil winding
CV convertible
CVT continuously variable transmission
CX CS type
CXS CS saloon type
D degree
D-4D direct injection 4 stroke common rail diesel engine
D.BLUE dark blue
D.BROWN dark brown
D.GRAY dark grey
D.GREEN dark green
DC degree centigrade
DENSO Nippondenso Company Ltd.
DF degree fahrenheit
DIFF differential
DIS disc brake
DLX deluxe type
DMP dump truck
DMT dual mode traveller
DOHC dual overhead camshaft
DPNR diesel particulate - NOx reduction system
DRM drum brake
DV delivery van
DX deluxe type
EAT E type (Electronic) Automatic Transmission
ECB enlarge cab
ECT Electric Controlled Transmission
EDIC electronic diesel injection control
EFI electronic fuel injection
EGR exhaust gas recirculation system
ELCD evaporative loss control device
ESC Electronic Skid Control
ESP Electro Sensor Panel (early diagnostic system)
ES3 eco spirit
ET ET type (compare LT, ST, GT, GS, GL, ...)
ETCS engine throttle control system
ETCS-i engine throttle control system - intelligent
EUG for EUrope General (except Sweden)
EUR for EURope
EX/... EXclude ...
F-VL formed vinyl
FB fabric
FB-A fabric A type
FB-B fabric B type
FB-C fabric C type
FB-D fabric D type
FB-E fabric E type
FCHV fuel cell hybrid vehicle
FCHV-4 fuel cell hybrid vehicle, with high pressure hydrogen tanks
FCHV-5 fuel cell hybrid vehicle, creates hydrogen from CHF
FCV-K fuel cell vehicle - (K comes from Japanese word for mini vehicle)
FF front engine, front drive (see also FR, MR, RR)
FLL full floating rear axle
FR front
FR front engine, rear drive (see also FF, MR, RR)
FXS future experimental sport
G grams
G.GRAY greenish grey
G.OLIVE greyish olive
GD grande type
GEN for general countries
GL GL type
GOLD M. gold metallic
GRAY M. grey metallic
GS Japan Storage Battery Company Ltd.
GS GS type
GSL GSL type
GT GT type
GT2 GT II type
GTV GTV type
HAC high altitude compensator
HDX hi-deluxe type
HR hour
HRF high roof
HT hardtop
ID inside diameter
IKI Ichikoh Industries Ltd.
IM-FB imitation fabric
IN inches
ISO International Organisation for Standardisation
IV incomplete vehicles
IV1 incomplete vehicles (chassis & windshield)
IV3 incomplete vehicles (chassis & cab)
IV5 incomplete vehicles (flat chassis)
JECO Jeco Company Ltd.
JKK Jidosha Kiki Company Ltd.
J-LEV Japan - low emmision vehicle
K40 K40 type transmission, 4 speed manual
K50 K50 type transmission, 5 speed manual kilogram calorie
K-FB knit fabric
K-Ty knit tape yarn
KG kilograms
KM kilometres
KOBE Shinkobe Electric Machinery Company Ltd.
KOITO KOITO Manufacturing Company Ltd.
KOYO Koyo Seiko Company Ltd.
L L type
L length (mm)
L/... Less ...
L.BLUE light blue
L.BLUE M. light blue metallic
L.BROWN light brown
L.CREAM M. light cream metallic
L.GRAY light gray
L.GREEN light green
L.GREEN M. light green metallic
L.Y.GRAY light yellowish grey
LASRE lightweight advanced super response engine
LB liftback
LB pounds
LEV low emmision vehicle
LG LG type
LGT LG Touring type
LH left hand
LHD left hand drive
LSD limited slip differential
LSPV load sensing proportioning valve
LT LT type
LWR lower
LX LX type
M metres
MARUKO Maruko Keihoki Company Ltd.
MATSUSHITA Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Ltd.
M/C master cylinder
MM millimetres
MONET mobile network
MR mid engine, rear drive (see also FF, FR, RR)
MTM manual transmission
MURAKAMI Marukami Kaimeido Company Ltd.
MUSE magic USE

abbrev meaning
N number of teeth
N30 N30 type transmission, 3 speed
N31 N31 type transmission, 3 speed
N40 N40 type transmission, 4 speed
Nachi Fujikoshi Ltd.
NO. number
NOK Nippon Oilseal Industry Company Ltd.
NSK Nippon Seiko Company Ltd.
OD outside diametre (mm)
OHC overhead camshaft
OHV overhead valve
O/S oversize
P pitch
P50 P50 type transmission, 5 speed manual
P51 P51 type transmission, 5 speed manual
P.BLUE purplish blue
P&B proportioning & by-pass valve
PCV positive crankcase ventilation system
Pegasus precision engineered geometrically advanced suspension
PF perforated foam coated vinyl leatherette
PHL for Philippines
PS power steering
PV proportioning valve
R ratio
RB with roll bar
R/C release cylinder
RCB regular cab
RH right hand
RHD right hand drive
ROY royal saloon type
RR rear
RR rear engine, rear drive (see also FF, FR, MR)
RSC rugged sport coupe
RV8F racing engine for CART
S S type
S screw length (mm)
SA for South African market
SAL super saloon type
SD swing door
SDN for Swedish market
SDX super deluxe type
SE SE type
SED sedan
SILVER BLUE M. silver blue metallic
SILVER M. silver metallic
SL SL type
SLT SL touring type
SM-SP semi separate seat
SMG speedometer gear
SOFI safety orientated friendly interior
SOHC single overhead camshaft
SP separate seat
SP-BN split bench seat
SPL special type
SR SR type
SR5 SR-5 type
SRF standard roof
S/S semisize
ST ST type (passenger car)
ST single tyre (truck)
STD standard
SW switch
T thickness (mm)
T1 low loader 1 side open (lowbed)
T3 flat deck 3 sides open (flatbed)
T40 T40 type transmission, 4 speed manual
T50 T50 type transmission, 5 speed manual
TAF total advanced function
TANAKA Tanaka Instrument Company Ltd.
TAX taxi
TB board deck
TC deck with guard frame
TE pickup with tarpaulin
TEMS Toyota Electric Modulated Suspension
THS Toyota hybrid system
THS-C Toyota hybrid system - CVT
THS-M Toyota hybrid system - Mild
T/L tubeless
T/M transmission
TOKAIRIKA Tokai Rika Company Ltd.
TOPAZ TOP from A to Zp
TOSHIBA Tokyo Shibaura Electric Company Ltd.
TP softtop, tarpaulin canvas top or vinyl top
TPB softtop B type, swing gate back door
TPC softtop C type, swing out back door
TPS softtop standard type, tail gate back door
TR truck (pickup)
TRC traction control
TS steel deck
TSOP Toyota super olefin polymer (a recycleable and biodegradeable plastic)
TTC Toyota total clean anti pollution system
TTC-C Toyota total clean anti pollution system - catalytic converter
TTC-L Toyota total clean anti pollution system - lean combustion
TTC-V Toyota total clean anti pollution system - vortex combustion
TW double pickup
U/S undersize
U4B urban 4x4 buggy
UFE ultra fuel economy
ULEV ultra low emmissions vehicle
UPP upper
V van
V volts
V4D 4 door van
V5D 5 door van
VKC van (hardtop or station wagon) with swing out back door
VL vinyl leatherette
VLS van (hardtop) with lift up and swing out back door
VOD open door van
VP panel van
VSD slide door van
VSG van, side glass
VSP van, side panel
VT canvas top van
VTG van (station wagon) with tail gate back door
VVT-i variable valve timing - intelligent
W watts
W/... with
W40 W40 type transmission, 4 speed manual
W50 W50 type transmission, 5 speed manual
W/C wheel cylinder
WD wire diametre
WG station wagon
WP double pickup
WSW white side wall tyre
W/T with tube
WT double tyre
XL XL type
XT XT type

Last updated 27 Dec 2007