In July 2004, just before the wonderful review of the video Expressions series, by Duncan Roads, Bradley De Neise producer/ideograph of both ‘Expressions’ videos became ill and died, after a short, but brave fight with cancer.

Bradley De Neise was a wonderful friend and colleague. He believed that the information and stories contained within these videos was ‘profound’ and life changing.

Bradley was truly a beautiful soul, who in the latter years of his life dedicated his time, energy and skills as a ideograph, with what he believed was ‘true spiritual guidance’ to produce the “Expressions” videos. He hoped that through this medium the information they contain would touch the soul and spirit of a person, in the same way as it had profoundly affected him.



“Contact reality “many millions of people experience, but are not always able to share (even with those close to them) due to ridicule or judgement. These videos were produced in the spirit of ‘sharing ‘ with the wider community,” information and stories about what had meant so much to Bradley on his own human/spiritual journey. But, particularly those who share Contact ‘reality.’ It was a way to help them to validate their own experiences through the stories of others.

Bradley fully supported ACERN, and its aims. He gave his time freely and unstintingly. He was a dear friend and member of what we called “the team” with musician/composer David Sandercock. Both Bradley and David have given huge amounts of their time, energy and skills, to help inform and support people with Contact reality.

I owe Bradley a huge debt of gratitude and thanks. I know he would have been thrilled and heartened by the wonderful review by Duncan Roads. But, more importantly that his videos are now being sent to all parts of the globe, and continuing to work their ‘energy’ and healing, truly becoming a wonderful legacy from him. Through his vision, commitment and skills the videos will continue informing, and helping others in their human and spiritual journey.


Mary Rodwell
ACERN August 2004