Architect of Consciousness

The 'Feathered Serpent'. 

A powerful extraterrestrial ancestor who has manifested on Earth as a messenger to seed the consciousness of humanity, assisting with interplanetary evolution.  Otherwise known as Horus or Quetzlcoutal, as perceived by ancient civilisations.


Ancient Future

Our ancient past is once again awakening to unite with the future.  A hidden power source beneath the Great Pyramid of Egypt is being reactivated to assist with this transition.  Extraterrestrial energy is also assisting as humanity becomes conscious of the field of infinite possibilities, where creation and evolution intertwine.  As the manipulation and illusions of reality become apparent, the truth can no longer be hidden from us.  Evolution and Advancement on all levels.


Universal Transcendence

To transcend thought and mind to a state of inner evolution and infinite existence.  To travel without moving.


Evolutionary Creation

The mystery and beauty of the creation and evolution of life on Earth, as seeded by our extraterrestrial ancestors.  The many influences transforming consciousness and accelerating planetary evolution are now becoming apparent as humanity awakens.


Treasures of Existence

Earth; a grand treasure of diversity, on every level of existence throughout all realities.  As humanity and the Earth evolve and awakens, we are to connect consciously with our cosmic family.


Harmonic Blueprint

Universal mind, as perceived by the consciousness of humanity as a key to unlocking the cosmic treasure chest. The existence and non-existence of mind.