Martin Law, born 1942 in Leicester, England, has painted since childhood. He has worked in advertising, illustrated books and worked on an environmental magazine. He has lived and exhibited in various parts of Ireland since 1973. Also a self-taught musician, he is currently playing improvised healing sounds, informally, on a grand-piano in Bantry House.
He feels himself "an outsider"; creativity, to him, is a sacred activity of spirit with no ego involvement. It is not subject to "isms", styles or dogma. He is receptive to what comes to him via a certain kind of inner listening / prompting / stillness of mind which some may consider channelling. It happens when it happens, waiting being part of it. The doing requires skill and disipline. Receptivity is orientated towards harmony, wholeness, and other dimensions.


Metamorphosis of a form is sometimes as far beyond the consensually obvious as the butterfly to the caterpillar.


Sacred Geometry - The circle, the prime universal form and symbol of the Divine

This series evolved chronologically from "Source of Light" and from the geometrical principle known from Ancient Egypt as "The Flower of Life". From its completed form they derived mathematics, laws of physics and the underlying structure of the physical world.
The same geometric principle is explicitly evident in crop circles, the mysterious phenomena miraculously manifesting in fiels worldwide for more than just a few decades.
The complexity and harmony of crop-circles is the inspiration for these paintings.
It is a scientifically established fact that the crop is in no way damaged, but instantly biologically mutated by a process as yet not understood by humanity, thereby discrediting the notion of human involvement.
"Infinity's Rose" is based precisely on a crop circle from 2002 in Wiltshire, England; "Healing Wheel", based upon an earlier one, of 1997, is so titled because of the formation having been known to have a measurable healing effect upon people who walked within it. The formation is also said to heal emotional pain, stored in the heart.
Knowing what it takes to construct it on canvas I can't imagine doing one in a night!

Martin Law, July 2006

    Following are some samples of Sacred Geometry Artwork by Martin Law:
Flowers Within
Healing Wheel
Heart Radiance
Infinitys Rose
On Other Worlds
Unknown Planet
Radiant Sphere
Space Blossom
Swirled Flower
Rainbow Flower
Androgyne Star
Celestial Rose
Light of Spirit
On Other Worlds
Rainbow Embryo
Window In Space
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