Hi Mary,

Re Questionnaire

I love it - checked it out completely, and am here to testify that your questionnaire is right on target. I'd never looked at a list of things that abductees could 'check off' to see where they fit in.

In order to stay uncontaminated, I've avoided UFO books since the late '80s, and though I know Brad Stieger has a questionnaire that sounds like yours (I've been pointed towards it by many people) I stayed away from reading it. But I couldn't resist reading yours. The thing that blew me away was the 'clown' fear - I have that to a very extreme degree, but didn't connect it to E.T. experiences! As a child I couldn't stand circuses or carnivals, and looking at cotton candy made me vomit. I was placed in a silvery coffin like container (by E.T.s) lined with a pink fluffy stuff that looked like cotton candy, and it impacted me terrifically. I plan to be cremated in order to avoid being put in anything resembling a coffin again!

A huge percentage of the things on your list fit me - in the entire list, found only four things that I had not experienced or did not fit me or my memories. I think you did a great job compiling this questionnaire! I might add, from experience with other abductees, that lots of us seem to have altered vital signs: slower heart rates - in the range of 60-70 beats per minute; lower than average (for their age group) blood pressure, and lower normal body temperatures - the average temp is often in the lower 97 degree range. My heart rate is usually about 64-65 bpm, my temperature is usually about 97.3 - 97. 4 degrees, and my bpm averages about 98/68, unless I am stressed or ill. And many abductees I've talked to have lower vital sign rates than these figures. My abductee daughter also fits this pattern.

Thanks for sending the URL, which I book marked and will check regularly, and my best wishes for continued success with your group!

Peace and blessings, Josi

28 April 2001


Hi Mary,

Re Star Kids Questionnaire

I was so shocked; I was speechless when I read through the list on your questionnaire. There were only five things that I either don't think fit me or can't relate to. Several of them that fit me I hadn't previously put in the star child category, for example: feeling something/someone (an invisible someone) touching me - especially my hair (this has happened to me since childhood); difficulty being in crowds (it really upsets me - I keep looking obsessively over my shoulder); and my compulsion to avoid certain foods, example - red meat, just caught seafood, just picked veggies or fruits.

I have such an aversion to killing anything that I can't put fresh shrimp, crabs, lobsters or fresh picked veggies in boiling water. The last time I threw a head of broccoli (just picked from the garden) in the boiling water I thought I heard it scream -it really took my appetite away. Lots of the things on your list I had already figured out, but those surprised me so much! Another thing is sitting with my back to a room full of people, like in a restaurant - I can't do that - have to have my back to a wall.

I commend you for the really fine job you've done - and can give your lists an A+ from my experiences. You hit a bull's eye with me, and will with many other people too, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing this material - it was very validating for me.

Peace and God's love, Josi

29 April 2001


Hi Mary,

Just checked out your web site. Looks like it is really coming along. Looks lovely and easy to use.

I looked through the questionnaire and found I fitted into the psychological framework except for the fear of open windows, closets and bugs. There are a lot of similarities between abductees/contactees and active researchers aren't there. I noticed the same thing when looking at the differences between NDEers and their researchers/actively interested people. Hang around long enough and it rubs off.

Well I suppose that isn't true. But there are similarities between close contacts and people very interested in UFOs. I remember we had a panel at our meeting one night and remember someone making the comment that the UFO folk were almost pristine. Didn't smoke, drink, swear, gamble, some vegetarians and all very health conscious and intersted in the environment etc. Quite curious, really.

Anyway, will catch up soon. Just wanted to let you know I had been to your web site.

All the best, Sheryl

1 July 2001


Mary Rodwell’s Inner Alchemy CDs

I cannot express how much these CDs have helped me cope with my experiences and life in general, since having my first experience seeing a cigar shaped UFO some seven years ago, followed by missing time episodes. I felt so alone at the time and did not know where to turn, until I got in touch with Mary Rodwell of ACERN. Since then, Mary has always been there for me, whenever I needed to talk to her about these experiences.

Mary kindly sent me copies of her Inner Alchemy CDs, which have worked wonders for me, not only in coping with the fear I felt then, but also coping with these experiences, which are still happening to me now. When I feel the fear, I put on Mary’s CD ‘Sharmanic Journey Transcending Fear’ and my fear dissipates and I am able to cope with life better.

There are nine CD’s in the set:

CD # 1 - Connecting to the Wise Part of You
CD # 2 - Connecting to Your Inner Healer
CD # 3 - Connecting to Your Spirit Guides
CD # 4 - Harmonising Your Yin & Yang Energies
CD # 5 - Connecting to Your Power Animal
CD # 6 - Connecting to Your Inner Child
CD # 7 - Connecting to Mother Earth
CD # 8 - Time for Releasing and Letting Go
CD # 9 - Sharmanic Journey Transcending Fear

The background music, composed by David Sandercock, compliments Mary’s voice so well. The music is very calm and spiritual and is what meditation is all about. There are nine Alchemy CDs in the set and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone having experiences similar to myself.

These CDs help put me in control in blocking stress. I stack shelves in a supermarket, which can be very stressful work. I work nights; I live in Barking, London, UK. I am also very connected to the world around me now, more than ever and care more about people around me too. I feel I am also now learning a lot about myself through these experiences and the answers I get from meditation. I feel more in control of my life. I also feel very connected to my spirit guides, as well – mainly due to Mary Rodwell’s CDs.

I hope this article will assist anyone seeking suitable meditation CDs.

Please also check out my new main website. I have placed a link on my website to Mary's website, as well as giving information about her book and the two videos she has produced. There is also a write-up about my Suport Group, which I am starting up over here in the UK.

Michael Rutherford, UK

Website Address: http://www.the-ufo-alien-abduction-info-site.freeservers.com/Welcome.htm


Hi Mary

Re: Crop Circles Conference

What a wonderful evening last night! Both my husband and I attended and we thought it was fantastic. It answered a lot of questions in my mind.

You won’t believe this or maybe you will.

When we got back to our car which was parked in # 7 car park (we did not realise there was parking closer to other the lecture theatres). We noticed a light on near our car. When walking towards the car, I thought it was carpark lighting or there was another car parked nearby with a light on. When we reached our car we noticed one of our park lights was on and there were no other cars in the carpark. We did not leave any lights on in the car. We have a BMW and it would have chimed had we left any lights on. I wonder why one park light was on and not the other? When we got inside the car the switch was set to off? I stood outside the car while Peter switched on the lights and then off again. They all went off. I asked him to put on the parking lights and they both worked! So bizarre. We have had our car for 4 years now and this has NEVER happened before. I thought I would let you know as you did mention strange things have happened at and after your talks. We were not expecting this and we cannot explain it.

Keep up the great work. We loved the talks and Janet was brilliant.

Kind regards

Mrs Emily Wallis

Following is a rather intriguing digital photo that was taken at the Crop Circles Conference. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
In the picture above, the caption to the left is the blown up version of the photo on the far top. The caption to the right is an example of a typical grey. Do you see any likenesses ?  
    Dear Mary

Re: Crop Circle Conference

Thank you for a most wonderful evening last Saturday night at the Murdoch University.

We did so enjoy greatly. You leave us as always gasping for more each time we are with you.. You were both brilliant. Thrilled so many interested people had the chance to open their minds more fully. I do so commend you on your courage and fortitude to lift up this mantle to educate and inform the masses. You are not only educating but giving us 'adventurers' a validation after so many years of ridicule and self questioning.

I am reading your book with great gusto and shouting out nearly every page " that's me, that's what happens to me. " So comforting to see and read others accounts of their space travels and visits to other realms. I do not feel so isolated and alone. One can become very lonely in ones isolation. Your book has helped me understand so much more of myself and why I do not fit into the world I find myself in at present. I am SO pleased to have found you.

Tried several times to come to speak with you on Saturday night but each time you were surrounded with eager folks. This was good to see and made my heart happy.

I look forward to our next encounter .

Sincerely Carol Turner ( U3A meeting at the U.W.A.)