The first conscious awareness of my contact experiences began when I was 24. I started to have memories of contact.   Just for a split second, like flashbacks, I could catch glimpses of strange interiors, otherworldly places and most confronting of all, strange beings peering over me.

This would usually happen directly after I awoke, and were definitely not dreams.   It continued, and I became more fearful, as the memories became stronger, and I realized that I was being taken when I was asleep

It also sparked a sense of curiousity, and I became determined to get to the bottom of this. I had met Mary beforehand, in another capacity. I appreciated her way of allowing the client to take in and describe the experience themselves.

As I underwent regression, I recalled an encounter when I was 7 years old. I was asleep, a small group of beings, 4 foot tall, spindly bodied with elongated heads came in.   One woke me, others looked through my drawings and books.   I understood that this contact has being going on since I was born, and these beings were here to help me.


We appeared on board a large vessel, into a vast chamber, some 500 meters wide, with a massive glowing light at the centre.

The room was filled with other humans, many young as I was, and a wide array of other life forms.

Some were like the thin grey ET's, others were huge, some had bodies made of crystal or gas, others were pure energy, changing their form at wilL.
Some appeared very humanlike, apparently it is quite a versatile form. I felt a strong bond with one such being, like someone I had known before. There was a feeling of 'family', like a homecoming of sorts.
The session moved onto other experiences, in my teenage years. I could recall being in chamber, a medical facility. A chair that looked like a bizarre, ergonomic dentists chair sat in the centre, with an array of sensory rods and crystals hanging from the ceiling. The room was circular, with numerous alcoves set into the wall, used to store the variety of devices and implements.

While I recalled little of the actual physical tests, I could sense the grey beings as being very exacting and methodical, skilled but distant.   Once that was done, I was given the 'tour'.

Three large 'energy receptors' drew in universal energies into the vessel, powering it through space.   It also enabled it to 'jump' dimensional barriers.

I was shown where the ship was piloted.   The vessel was directed through a kind of telepathy, although manual controls still existed.   When the beings asked if I wished to pilot the ship, I was more than a little apprehensive.   They assured me it was fine, and I had done it many times before.   Two globes sat in my hands to help the control process, a form of alien 'training wheels'.

I spoke with one of the ET’s, who was human height, and had a pink-purple skin colouration.  

We talked, both verbally and telepathically, about life experiences, about the nature of space and the universe.

The last experience was not of this life, but as an extra-terrestrial in a past life. I was a pilot and an accomplished scientist.   My people were on the brink of oblivion, our world was dying. I saw it finally fall apart, only those who had been able to evacuate into orbit escaped
While the few survivors appeared doomed, we searched for solutions.   We couldn’t travel far with all the survivors, so we had an alternate plan.   Using the same dimensional drives in our vessels, a gate was constructed.   Activating this huge gate, we brought through an entire planet. It was battered, scarred but liveable.   They live there still.
This was quite a lot for me to take in, and the next day I listened to the tape again, quickly drawing sketches of what I saw, which you can see here.   After I had finished, I noticed a mark on my hand.   At first, I it was just the markers I was using, but it didn’t wash off, and was in fact, under the skin.   It was completely painless and faded over the next few days.   Almost like a message; yes, your experiences are real and we are with you.
Through this experience, and others, I have come to accept and appreciate the contact with these beings.   It becomes possible to begin to have a relationship with them, to communicate on more of an equal, person-to-person level. What could have left me paralysed with fear has enriched my life here, on this planet.