On the 25th June 2006 on a whim, my son and I decided to visit our beach house. Accompanying us was our 17 year old dog. I might add at this point that in all his 17 years , our dog has never liked the sea and ran away when nearing a rock pool on the beach.

When we arrived at the beach house, we went straight out the front and stood looking over the marina to the beach houses on the other side of the inlet.

As we stood nothing was said, we just looked over the sea. I was picking up a very unusual phenomenon. Everything looked distorted, small and interestingly, we could not hear the seagulls or the noise of the sea. Everything was silent. It was as if viewing the whole surroundings through cellophane paper or, even more bizarre, from another place.

My son then mentioned that everything seemed strange and distorted, exactly the same sensations I was experiencing.

We then decided to visit the main beach which is situated a one minute walk from the back gate, to see if the same phenomenon was apparent on the main beach.

It was.

The sea seemed as if it was boiling and had a phosphorescent color to it, again we could not hear the waves crashing on the breakwater rocks or indeed the seagulls. Everything was almost silent. All of the time I was taking pictures with my camera and getting nothing. The air seemed electrified.

By this time it was dark and the time would have been about 7 p m.

Still taking pictures, my son called to me to look at the dog, which by now was about 10 ft into the water and walking in a straight line out to sea. My son had to go in and pick him up. The dog seemed as if he was on remote control. He was also very cold. This was indeed very odd behavior.

We decided to take our dog back to the house and dry him off. All of the time we were walking back I was taking shots and again getting nothing.

Half way back I noticed a reddish haze near by in the sky, so I took a shot. I knew I had something this time because the window in the back of the camera lit up.

When back at the beach house I reviewed the shots taken and was astonished to see the object which appeared on the camera.

We immediately went back to the main beach to see if there was anything else apparent.

There was nothing unusual, but what was interesting was the fact that everything was cleared and back to normal. We could hear the sea and the birds once more. It was as if viewing the object was the catalyst for normality to return.

I did not see the object at any time but what ever it was, made itself apparent before I took the photograph.

Camera used....Nikon Coolpix...5900.