What kind of ET Beings do people see? What kind of art and symbols do they draw? The scripts and language, what do they look and sound like? How and why do "experiencers" feel impelled to create such unusual artwork and symbolism?

"The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the richness, the artwork, and the symbolism, as well as the scripts and language that manifest after contact. What does this all mean? Is it just another form of art or a symbolic, visual and auditory blueprint of the world of the "experiencer"? It offers the interested and the curious an opportunity to see an art form that is uniquely different and may be just as important as a clue to what "contact" is all about. Is it another form of communication, or is it more than that? Is it a window to opening the secret of who we are?"

And so begins the on-camera interview with Mary Rodwell, RN. Therapist, Researcher, and Principal of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN). Mary introduces some of the best audio and visual material from the ACERN database of nearly 300 cases. After her eight-minute introduction, we see an incredible assortment of over 40 drawings of "ET Beings" from both children and adult "experiencers".

During this 28 minute color slide presentation we see drawings of creatures that include: aboriginal sky beings to illustrate the cross-cultural aspects of this phenomenon, tall lion men that act as spiritual warriors, cream-type greys with wrinkled skin, pink and blue flying fetuses, humanoids in hooded body suits, Nordic healers, hairy brown dwarfs, small neon beings, light beings, shadow beings, zig-zag head beings, praying mantis type beings, lizard and reptilian type beings, wise gentle giants, tele-tubby type beings, a pixie-like red-haired lady, greys with collars, uniforms and helmets, religious type beautiful ladies, robot and animal types, pot-bellied green beings with flat heads, and of course, the hybrid children.

Next we're treated to 8 minutes of stunning, intricate and colorful designs that incorporate images of ET craft, faces and hands. The crystalline-type drawings have an almost angelic quality to them. Like the crop circle formations, these pictures, both large and very small, seem to resonate on some deeper and more meaningful level. The artists describe the process as one of letting go of all conscious control and allowing wonderful feelings to guide their hands. These pictures are created while the artist is distracted, as in watching television or talking on the phone. The results of their passion seem to indicate something more at work than just ordinary artistic inspiration. Of course, the artist feels that their work is connected to their "contact" experiences.

Next we see 5 minutes of examples of "alien-type" writing, which looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics or shorthand or intricate doodles. Could these be examples of a language lost long ago, or one that is yet to be discovered?

In the next 20 minutes of this film, we get to meet one of these artists and "experiencers". She is Tracey Taylor, a pretty young woman from Western Australia, who explains the symbolism of her highly geometric artwork and why she feels they act as a trigger to awaken us to further understanding of our true origins. Her "contacts" began in early childhood, and only as a teenager did she fully realize how special her "experiences" really are. She developed certain psychic and healing abilities as a result of her "contacts" with ET Beings. But her urge to create these magnificent and multi-dimensional drawings both in color and black & white is what really makes us wake up and take notice. As Tracey says in the film: "I know a lot of other people around the world have similar drawings and symbols and words and visions that come to them. It's about honouring that and validating that because even though we live in a physical world, there is much more to this than meets the eye!"

Other artists whose work is shown, but are not interviewed during this film include Leanne Reynolds, Ellis Taylor and Jane Milligan Melkior. The final 5 minutes concludes with haunting examples of the spoken "alien-type" language. Some of it sounds like Japanese or a mixture of several earth languages, but is spoken fluently and without any hesitation. The meaning is unknown, but it appears to touch us on some deeper energetic level. As you listen, you get the feeling that a very meaningful part of you may understand it.

Let me give you some idea of how this award-winning film was made. It is important to remember that it was done by 4 amateurs in just 6 weeks with limited equipment, and none of the 'team' had done anything like this before. But, they all believed that this material needed to be shown to a wider audience.

Mary presented her team's video at the prestigious 9th Annual International UFO Congress held in Laughlin, Nevada (USA) in March of this year. To their gratifying surprise, their film was entered into the EBE Film Festival held at the Conference and won awards in two categories, as the "Best Abductee/Contactee Documentary" and "Best Musical Score within a Documentary"

And if I may say so, the original music to this film by David Sandercock of Western Australia is truly an inspired instrumental work of beauty and emotion. So turn up the volume and enjoy!

For those of you who share the world of the "experiencer', this film will certainly "honour" your reality. If this is all new to you, then your curiosity will be satisfied.

In fact, the motto of ACERN is "to honour all realities!" Certainly this labor of love has gone a long way to validating those who experience these other realities. For hasn't this always been the role of the artist?

We can't seem to stop all the more powerful forces that may intrude upon and visit our so-called consensus reality. But with inspiring films like this, we can find the courage to stand up tall and face the universe around us with dignity, integrity, honour and respect for all life forms. For if we can't treat each other this way, then how can we expect any otherworldly "beings" to?

The concluding remarks belong again to Mary Rodwell:

As I said on the video, this is an area of research that up to now has not been honoured or appreciated and yet could tell us so much. But what seemed to touch people was not just the simplicity of the video but the amazing variety and integrity of the artwork and David Sandercock's inspired music score. All we were trying to do is to say look, this is what people feel inspired to do and express after "contact". This is the reality and isn't this amazing! The video was to be a confirmation for those having such experiences in that they can recognise beings they have seen. But many have told me that they have also written in odd scripts and even symbols, but had thrown them away, feeling they had no value apart from the overwhelming desire to speak in strange languages.

They talk of 'downloading' this information. This is amazing stuff!" Yes, no matter what you think about it, this is amazing stuff!

Thank you for your time.


"EXPRESSIONS OF ET CONTACT: A VISUAL BLUEPRINT?" - Video ordering and contact information: Directed by Mary Rodwell of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network).  Duration - 74 minutes. Produced by Bradley DeNiese and was awarded the "Best Abductee/Contactee Documentary" and "Best Musical Score within a Documentary!" at the 9th Annual International UFO Congress at Laughlin, Nevada (USA) in March of 2000.

  • Features over 50 drawings of "ET Beings" with artist interviews plus "contact-inspired" writings, symbols and spoken language. A valuable reference source for "contact" researchers.
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