The Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact
through Creative Expression

Copyright Mary Rodwell 2007


In this article we explore human ‘Contact experiences’ with non-human extraterrestrial intelligences, as experienced by a professional artist. Adrian’s has experienced contact with extraterrestrial ‘intelligences’ throughout his life, and believes his artwork relating to this phenomenon, is NOT his ‘imagination, but ‘real alien portraits.’

When one mentions anything to do with extraterrestrial contact, it evokes nothing but laughter and ridicule. Why? I think the answer lies somewhere buried deep in our collective subconscious. In some respects we are still living in caves, fighting tribal wars that are triggered by a multitude of religious and political beliefs. Strangely, we as a species find it perfectly acceptable to believe in myths and folklore. It is “safe” to sit in front of the television or cinema screen and have the alien invasion theme unfold, because we know that the ending will be a safe and happy one, in which we remain the dominant species having destroyed the unwanted tribe from beyond our planet.     

Beliefs can, and do, cause powerful human responses to a plethora of events and circumstances. But it dismays me why we find it so difficult to grasp the notion that we co-exist with other life forms? The disinformation cover- ups, prevent us from knowing that we are a part celestial family. After all we share this planet with complex diversity of life, so why not embrace the notion that life exists else where? As we looking towards the starry heavens, our eyes stare in awe at the immensity of space, every star that twinkles denotes a possible sun capable of supporting life just as our sun does. The realities of otherworldly contact can only be suppressed for so long, for there are thousands of ordinary people with extraordinary experiences to accounts this is just one of them.  Adrian/experiencer 2007.

Human Contact with non-human extraterrestrial intelligences may trigger extraordinary transformative changes within the individual as they become aware of a  multidimensional personal reality. These dramatic changes can often mean that individuals with artistic or creative talents find their personal artistic expression alters dramatically as a consequence.

Adrian, is an artist /experiencer, and he believes there is a distinct difference between his normal creativity, and the artwork he produces due to his extraterrestrial contact. He ‘knows’ intuitively, artwork related to contact experiences is not part of the same creative process as ‘normal ‘art work.  The ‘Contact art’ for example will evoke feelings of great unease and deep emotion, not only for the artist, but those who have had a similar experience. Adrian explains that his creative process varies when it relates to his contact experiences, his words, “it just falls of the brush,’ and takes no conscious effort. Many experiencers  feel they have information, symbols and images ‘downloaded” into their mind. Adrian feels his artistic talent is ‘used’ to convey accurate images of the ‘beings” and describes his drawings as ‘alien portraits.’ He feels inspired with a strong determination to portray these images accurately because these extraterrestrial images, he believes have ‘encoded frequencies’ within the art itself. He believes such frequencies are like encoded ‘triggers’ to help awaken humanity to this reality.

For most of his life Adrian wondered why he was fascinated and felt compelled to draw space craft. But, was very fearful when drawing extraterrestrial profiles. Why such films as ET and Close Encounter filled him with terror? It was only when he was in his forties he received the answers to such questions.

Adrian was living in New Zealand, when he made a phone call to (ACERN)Australian Close Encounter Resource Network. This call lasted a marathon seven hours, and it was from this Adrian finally realised what he had been experiencing all his life. Since that time he has dedicated himself to drawing, what he believes to be accurate portrayals of extraterrestrial intelligences.

Adrian was living in New Zealand, when he made a phone call to (ACERN)Australian Close Encounter Resource Network. This call lasted a marathon seven hours, and it was from this Adrian finally realised what he had been experiencing all his life. Since that time he has dedicated himself to drawing, what he believes to be accurate portrayals of extraterrestrial intelligences.

 In this article Adrian narrates his personal story and  explains why he believes extraterrestrial intelligences use individual artistic talent as a conduit to expose humanity to ‘Contact reality’

Note: The 7 hour phone call Adrian made to Australia was not recorded on his phone bill. Adrian has no explanation for this.

Earliest memories, ‘missing time’ and my ‘ special friends!’

I was attending primary school in the East End of London. It was in daylight hours, but after school, I would get the ‘impulse’ to play with ‘special friends’ and go to a special spot at the back of the school. When I went back there as an adult, I knew precisely where  to find this ‘special’ place. It was uncanny; there was just ‘something’ about this place. When I went there as a child, there were other children there too, but not the children I went to school with. I have ‘missing time’ from that period, for whatever happened, is screened out. We would all meet at this ‘spot’ and go off somewhere! There was no fear, but an incredible sense of adventure. Later, I would find myself back at that ‘special place’ or back at my home. I can remember mum wondering where I had been, and she was quite concerned. I had basically gone ‘missing” But I had no sense of anxiety at all, it was like ‘what’s the problem mum, I’m here!”

Early years in Essex, “bedtime play mates”.

 As I got older, I was seven or eight years old, I had clear memories of silhouette beings coming into my room at night. The ‘beings’ I remember quite clearly, even the shape of their heads, it’s weird! I would  just ‘know’ when ‘they’ were coming. And if you could visualise, I would be lying down in my bed and see little heads playfully pop up, and play games with my feet. I used to lay my feet flat in the bed and they would pop up and I would snap my feet together, and they would duck beneath the bed. And this was all happening, whilst my parents would be in the kitchen having a cup of cocoa. Those nights, the closest they would get to me is half way along the bed, and then I would be ‘out of it ‘ and fall asleep! Or perhaps they knocked me out?

 When the film ET came out, it was like “Oh my God” I’ve seen those shaped heads before, it was bizarre, I remember ‘dwarf like’ creatures, small silhouettes. I couldn’t see any distinguishing features at all. But, there was no fear, but having said that as a child I could never sleep without the light on.  I was definitely afraid of passageways, and elevators terrified me, and this caused embarrassment. It was the same feeling for images of Father Christmas, he terrified me, and this caused major embarrassment. Shopping in Oxford Street, London at Christmas time, Father Christmas was everywhere, it was just terrifying for me, and I never knew why?

Note: Contact experiences can manifest as seeing images of Father Christmas or clown’s, screen memories for extraterrestrial beings.

I always had a fascination for flying saucers, although at that time there was nothing to stimulate my interest. I have very clear memory in Essex, living in a cul de sac, (a road that ended with just residential houses) The skyline was beautiful, with oak trees and I can remember seeing above the top of this mighty oak, in full daylight, a ‘classic’ disc. It was just above this oak, no more than 8-10 feet and the branches were thrashing, swirling about like in a vortex, the ‘thing’ hovered silently. I was alone with my dog, when I saw the shiny silver disc. When I told my parents about it, my parents were embarrassed, and I think they thought I was lying. Again there was nothing on television at that time to give me this idea.

At the time the only sci-fi TV show, was about a time traveller, called Dr Who, and it used to frighten me seeing such things as the cyber men. But it was the film “Close Encounters” which really affected me. This film didn’t come out until the late seventies, so there was nothing to plant such images in my mind. After watching the film it was just terrifying, even although I didn’t consciously remember it happening to me. It ‘triggered’ lots of memories particularly with the abduction of the little boy Carrie. In my adolescent years, I know there was a lot of activity and ‘knew’ stuff was going on. There was a lot of screening, and there chunks of what I call ‘missing memory.’ It wasn’t until my early adult years things started to heat up, and my childhood obsessive /compulsive need to draw flying saucers. But, as regards extraterrestrials I could have easily drawn ‘them,’ but there was too much fear.

My early adult years in Australia.

During my early twenties I migrated to Australia and lived in the Eastern States, in Victoria. The paranormal experiences were just out of this world. It was only due to conversations with Mary (Mary Rodwell) parts of this jigsaw finally come together. As an ‘experiencer’ you continually question ‘what going on? Am I barking mad? Have I lost the plot? The noises, lights switching themselves on and off, footsteps, strange smells. Periods when you had this absolute fear of going down the passageway. I had a very long passageway in my home, and on some nights it used to absolutely terrify me. I just could not walk down it. I had friends come to stay and they were always traumatised in the morning. One friend actually got up and left the house. To this day I don’t know what it was he experienced? Is it paranormal is it ET or is it both? It’s so bizarre. Again the fear factors just like the abnormal fear of the ‘elevators’ in my childhood, which stayed with me until my early twenties, why would I find elevators fearful?

It’s funny as you narrate such experiences, things come unbidden to your mind and you remember more detail. I know that from 1983 to 1984 onwards, this was when I was married. I later came to the conclusion my wife was also an ‘experiencer.’ We had so many things in common, such as a shared fear of the passageways. Absolute fear of spiders, I was terrified of them. I know my wife was experiencing things, but, again I think a lot of “screening” was going on. Images were ‘spontaneously’ coming to me coming to me of flying saucers, spectral beings with big eyes, but it was all a jumbled mess.

During 1997-98 it gets totally intense, and these were ‘key’ experiences. A friend with his wife came from America, to stay with me. They stayed in the spare bedroom, which incidentally was always cold! The first night I heard lots of strange noises. The next day after we had been to the bakery, my friend’s wife looked very scared, she was normally a very ‘bubbly’ kind of person. The way home was very uncomfortable, I heard my friend say  to her “just tell him.” When we got back she told me that she had this experience, her bed was facing the window, but instead, the ‘ window’ was not there, but a gigantic porthole, and through it, coming towards her were gigantic silhouette beings. She thought they were ghosts or demons because she was religious. She said that every time she woke up, the porthole with these ‘beings’ got closer. She was so terrified she wanted to leave the house, because she felt her life was threatened. She did not want to spend another night there.

Two encounters that really brought it home to me that something was going on. I had decided to move to NZ, so I was renovating the house for sale. One night although it was late, I needed groceries and drove to the local supermarket. On the way back I noticed a very bright light in the sky, travelling towards me, I thought it was a police helicopter, but there was something about the light and its movements that struck me as odd. There were no cars on the road as it was so late, about 11.45pm and was a beautiful clear starry night. I am watching this light, and slowing down, my chin on steering wheel trying to work out what this light is because I couldn’t see what this light was attached to.

I had almost come to a complete stop. This light is passing me, and goes over the railway line, I realised it was following the railway line. I make my turn to the left, and hit my indicator. These lights acts like a white billiard ball on a jet-black table and imagine it hits a cushion and literally bounces back on itself. That’s what happened to this light. As I hit the indicator of the car, it responded to the light frequency, incredible. I come to a halt, there is no traffic, but, this light bounces back and increases speed. I have turned, and this light is parallel with me and was following the path of the railway line. I must admit I braced myself for abduction. You couldn’t have picked a more ideal situation. I saw an oval shaped craft with this beautiful haze around it and a terrific view of the Dandenong range. The ‘light’  fires and suddenly darts off, and then it’s gone. I continue my journey, but was totally shell-shocked. When I got home I checked the clock made a few notes and wrote that I had seen a flying saucer.

There were two encounters at the time of renovating the house. The memories are coming back and I relive it. These are so vivid as are the deep emotions, it’s an adrenaline rush. My house had been completed, and  was on the market. My dog would wake me up at night, to go to the toilet and would always go to a special spot. It was a boiling hot night, and I stepped outside while waiting for puppy, just marvelling at the planetarium of the sky. Looking at the overhead powerlines, my eyes were drawn sharply to what appeared to be a black helicopter, with a searchlight, hovering dangerously close to the powerlines, only 30 or 40 feet.  But, then I noticed no rotors, or sound, as it began to look like a helicopter/spaceship, and then the thought came to me” they are looking for me,” I realised I was alone in the back garden. The dog had finished, as I noticed this bright circular light, a big beam 5-6 feet in diameter, searching moving, backwards and forwards the dog was disturbed, and I am in fear of being stalked. I am awake and this is for real. The dog is frozen, I leave the dog and run through the house, I see the ‘searchlight’ in my living room. I run to the workshop to feel safe. As I run into this dark room, there is a beam coming through the wall! That’s my only memory and I suddenly find myself back in bed.

The very next night I find myself in the passageway there is a beam coming through the wall, I see three beings. I stand there frozen, one’being’ says to me telepathically “you will remember this!” It was a short, a classic ‘gray’ and although I stand 6’2’’ and he was about 3’ 3 inches, I am towering over it, but the feeling was that it was actually looking down at me, and that’s all I remember. The next morning I woke up and I was in my bed. It was the most incredible experience because on the wall I had big movie posters, one was the voyage of Sinbad, and they literally came out through that poster. That was one of the major events just before the house was sold.


Before I left for New Zealand I gave myself a six week break. I went to the coast to stay with friends. This was when I started to do major ET artwork, i.e. “The watchers in the woods”  I suspected that I was having ET experiences because I couldn’t even walk in the dark, and the fear was incredible during that time. It was when it all began to mean something to me my compulsion to draw aliens. The friends I was staying with must have thought I was weird, because I had to spin a tale of why I was drawing them, I knew the artwork frightened them. But, my feeling from these ‘ beings’  was “Okay you have seen us now-‘GET IT RIGHT!” That’s the key thing, the whole process, that’s what means the most to me, getting the imagery right, no vague sketch, most important is the detail. Those six weeks I would sleep with the light on. It was quite an experience the ET artwork was obsessive, compulsive, I wanted to do it all the time, but I also had to earn a living.

When I moved to New Zealand, strange things began to happen again. Sometimes I had to call in to work and say I was sick, because I was so afraid to go to sleep at night. This overpowering fear of going to sleep was so awful that I would make myself stay awake. I started to send some of my artwork to those interested in the UFO phenomenon. The energy while I was doing such work was intense. I was physically and emotionally sick, headaches, sickness because of the strong frequencies. Then I had my seven hour phone call to Mary in Australia, which never turned up on any phone bill? It “changed my life’ because it was when I realised for the first time what was really going on. And I must admit and this is not to make Mary feel bad, but, after that phone conversation, I ended up going to bed in the foetal position and just crying.

Note: When Adrian told me his story he finally realised that he was an experiencer.

The activity around that time, towards the end of 2002 was intense. I remember Mary giving me advice, suggesting that I tell them to back off. It was like having a client, the ET’s stand behind you while you are painting, with the feeling “make sure you get this right.’ It really was quite intense and draining, with physical sickness. I would feel the energy come through to get that imagery right, it was amazing. The feeling of huge responsibility and part of my work, getting the information out there.

I believe the ‘timing’ of things makes most things happen. I found the abductions at that time slightly different, I was woke up with funny tastes in my mouth, like salty lemonade taste, feeling absolutely drained. One incident, when I had just gone to bed, I was doing work in my bedroom and something runs up the wall, just under the ceiling, jumps, and falls to the floor with a thud. I’m in bed and it shoots to the corner of the bed, jumps on the bed, and runs over my legs and crashes into the bedside unit. I wasn’t asleep, so I think, maybe it’s a cat? I get up and turn the light on; I am visibly shaken as I can’t see anything there. The following morning about 11.15 am, I hear heard heavy footsteps, (they are concrete steps) just outside my flat and I live on the top floor. They were very slow, thump, thump, thump. I was having a doze on the settee, although my door is glass and mottled, I can see this silhouette. On the top veranda, there is another flight of steps to the front door, which is enclosed by a glass balcony.  There is silence, footsteps, and then thump thump. I am thinking ‘what the hell is this?” Thump on the glass door, bell ringing, and by the time I got there, no more than30 seconds, no-one is there?

A week goes by, I’m at my easel and it’s about 11.15pm. The same thing happens, footsteps, I am getting goose bumps when I write this, it’s so spooky. I’m awake and drawing, but I basically ‘knew’ it was a ‘repeat ‘of what happened a week ago.  I hid around the corner of my room, I knew what was going to happen, and this time I was ready. At the moment that the hand got to the glass, I ran to the door (it was just seconds) but, there was nothing there. The security nightlight is normally triggered if there is activity and it wasn’t on either. The only way out, was back down the stairs, nothing.. I must admit I found this quite chilling. When I mentioned this to researchers in the UK they told me it sounded very “ Mothman” so maybe I got a visit, I don’t know!

When I returned to the UK, its where the activity starts to get physical with marks. The tattoos on the tips of my fingers was in Nov 2002. One night after Christmas I had just got back from work reading in bed I heard the back door (I only have one back door) and for some strange reason I  assume it’s the landlord, although this is not something he would normally do. I freeze and wonder why?  I hear the key in the lock, the door opens, I have a draft excluder which normally makes a scraping noise, but I don’t hear that either, the  door closes the light comes on. I move to get out of bed, as my left leg touches the floor the noise stops. I go to check, there’s nothing there!! This also happened in Australia doors closing, lights going on and off, it was quite common.


One prominent memory was waking up with blood in my mouth realising that my tongue had been operated on, well, a piece of my tongue.

It was scraped clean, (I have it on video tape its disgusting), there was a big scoop mark, but no pain , sore, with blood. And the side of the tongue had marks in a geometric pattern, as if it had been clamped like fishhooks to keep it in place.

That morning, I was in a real daze, and was getting funny looks from people as I wander about, I am wondering, “ why do ‘they‘ want a piece of my tongue?”


Another time I had the ET tattooing on the end of my fingers, the hand that does the drawing, and again I ask why? I am starting to get codes, and symbols now, it seems the goal posts have shifted. 

At this time, my neighbour’s son; I feel he’s one of these ‘Star Kids’ for sure.  I was doing some artwork called ‘night skies and he said, “I’ve seen that” And my friend told him that I draw from life.  

His experiences are really intense. He was getting sleep deprivation, as he was so afraid to go to sleep, and he was afraid he may lose his job because of it.


I am also drawing a lot of pictures with the full moon (the moon plays a big part) they are like planetoid moons, and grays with ‘red eyes’. I find it astounding that’s coming through so easily. Some of the early artwork., 1998 was done predominantly after the major ET experience, in my house before I left Australia. I knew something major was going on. The choice of colours, nothing was designed, normally I  would work this out, as you know colour is a language, but this just evolved. They are literally alien portraits and something coming through me.

The point I want to make, what I feel, is what such contact is doing to me, and what I have felt since childhood. I have always felt that I don’t belong here, I belong somewhere else. This is not to say I am not human, but I find the goings on of the species known as human kind bizarre and primitive, and still evolving. Even as a child I could never understand what was going on. It was very distressing to me; I just wanted to be somewhere else. But, I know I have work to do here and I know it sounds crazy, but I know I am not crazy. I’m mad, but not crazy,  just ‘Monty python’ mad.

The ET involvement, has been quiet of late, and it maybe due to my circumstances, they are giving me a break. But, incredibly, I miss it, when they are not there. But with me, and with my art, although it may sound odd, but it’s my way of communicating and it brings me closer to ‘them’. And if it goes on too long without an experience, it’s like an old friend, who you haven’t spoken to in a long time, and I know it sounds stark raving mad, but I miss them! And when I catch up with them again, it feels like ‘I am so glad,’ like connecting with an old friend, and the closeness is still there.

Mary Rodwell is principal of the Australian Close Encounter Network (ACERN) and lives in Perth Western Australia. ACERN has supported over1250 individual’s world wide. Author of Awakening, How Extraterrestrial Contact can Change Your Life.  As a researcher Mary has been shown an enormous range of artwork that relates specifically to contact experiences and believes it offers unique window into Contact reality and significant piece of evidence as to its reality. Such artwork is shown on two award winning DVD’s Expressions of ET Contact a visual blueprint? (2002)

Note: Adrian’s story is told visually on the DVD Expressions of ET Contact a communication and healing blueprint? (2004)

Rodwell, Mary AWAKENING
How Extraterrestrial Contact can transform our Life.
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