This book isn't solely an abduction/contact story as told by the experiencers; it also includes corroboration from an independent investigator, Jean Ritchie, who has come to the conclusion that there is credibility in the alien abduction/contact phenomenon.  It's a thought provoking and entertaining read, not difficult to finish.  Ann Andrews (co-author) relates experiences and curious events surrounding her family, particularly her youngest son, Jason Andrews, who features in the book.

The Andrews family lives in England which, as many UFO enthusiasts will know, is a hive for UFO elated events, including reported UFO's, crop circles, secret military activity and extensive paranormal occurrences.  All of which the Andrews know all too well.  The motives of the book are made quite clear by the author, that being to help other abductees/contactees who struggle with the unknown frontier.

One of the earliest unusual events happenned when they were living in Kent where the Andrews recall a stormy night where loud banging on windows and doors caused considerable unease.  With Jason slipping into a trance like state speaking advanced mathematical lingo (for a four year old boy).   Then attempting to exit the house explaining to his father "They're waiting for me.  I have to go"!

Unusual happenings like misplaced items, sweet sickly odours and bright lights plague the Andrews and the book mentions many peculiar incidents.  Jason isn’t the only person apparently affected by the mystery; the oldest son has also had some experiences where in one instance his parents recall a childhood friend named Junus who used to leave when Ann entered the room.  Daniel describes him with a one-piece space suit, who taught him about the stars and the sky.  This 'friend' visited Daniel until he was seven years old.  During an occasion in November 1987, Jason (the younger son) caused a certain amount of distress to his parent when he woke up upset after bright lights were at the house and he commented on 'little men with big eyes'.

Something I found potentially fascinating was an episode at the time when they were living on a farm at Hawknest, located next to MoD land.  They had some bizarre goings-on with cattle and officials from the ministry.  Several of the Andrews cattle died from unexplainable circumstances which baffled the local vet who decided to call in an investigating office from the Ministry of Agriculture to determine the cause of death.  The officer gave Hawknest farm a clean bill of health.  Firstly told to incinerate the bodies.  Mr Andrews then received 'a call from a man who introduced himself as a Ministry official, who instructed him to keep the carcasses'.  This episode becomes especially interesting when a van of six men pull up in white coveralls identifying themselves simply as 'from the ministry' and remove all the carcasses in plastic sheeting, reporting to the Andrews that they would follow through on all investigations.  Only to have the Andrews never hear of them again and find out from future dealings with Agricultural officials that the process of removing the carcasses is highly unusual as they are normally burnt.

The well-known investigator, Tony Dodd, became involved with the Andrews in 1978 on referral.   He was able to provide some support and understanding of the matter.  This story bares all the usual trademarks of abduction/contact cases, leaving yet another family to ponder the occurrences with which they have been and will be faced.  A very readable book.


A more detailed account of this story can be accessed in article "Why Did You Take My Son"


Abducted - The True Story of Alien Abduction
By Ann Andrews & Jean Ritchie (1988)

Headline Book Publishing. ISBN 0-7472-7516-5
Book review by Vivian Jensen AUFORN