NO!, don’t look up, it’s not that kind of star.  In case Venus or Celine Dione jumped to mind.  Really, I suppose it’s a matter of interpretation. Anyway, from my point of observation at the Vancouver Library, I was clearly watching one.  My star for that evening in May was a most impressive lady lecturer from Australia, namely Mary Rodwell, a clinical hypnotherapist dealing with abductions.

We have had numerous speakers during our UFOBC’s ten-year existence, but from a performance point of view, she had to be the very best.  Not only did she provide quality, but also quantity.  In fact, with her power point presentation and vocal commentary aside, it was extremely difficult (speaking for myself) to know what to concentrate on.  The screen images and her additional verbal footnotes.  Clearly, this lady is working in the ‘trenches’ of experiencers’ accounts.

Prior to the evening’s presentation, I had been told that she had a personality that reached out to you.  How very true that was.  I could very well understand how troubled abductees would find no difficulty in confiding in her, no matter how sensitive the details may have been.  Did I happen to mention body FACE drawings?

Her program displayed examples of geometric designs that had symbolic meanings.  These patterns had been produced with incredible speed and accuracy.  Talk about a guiding hand.  Also examples of “Sanskrit” style writing that had not been translated (want to try?) and again produced in an automatic manner.  If that wasn’t surprising enough, when the lecture was concluded, a gentleman present in the audience showed me a sheet of identical? writing that he had himself produced and which I gathered was continuing to this day.

Then from there, Mary moved on to Star Children.  This is a phenomenon that I think Brad Steiger revealed about fifteen years ago.  Youngsters who make jaw dropping statements to their parents.  The four year old who stated that everything his parents know about the pyramids is wrong.  Then set about re-educating them!  Not to forget the two year old who worked his way along the bookshelf until he pulled out a copy of Whitley Streiber’s “Communion”, pointed to the face on the cover and announced that was “Clowney” who came to visit him at night.

Oh, yes it was an information overload evening and let’s hear the applause once more.  Do please come back again Mary, very soon.