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Urban Paddler

The Swan River: between Fremantle & The Narrows

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 In a nutshell

Choose a calm morning or go for a breezy afternoon paddle past limestone cliffs and sandy beaches. There's a busy river life, riverside cafes, picnic spots, homes of the rich & famous. Keep away from the boating channel. Watch out for wash of large vessels, particularly ferries.

Give Way!! to larger vessels

Very busy during peak weekend and holiday times


The Swan River: lower reaches, paddling upstream & around from Fremantle
 Put in at . . .  Facilities  Best known for . . .  Watch out for . . .
The reserve at Johanna Street, North Fremantle, just upstream of Stirling Bridge car park, toilets, picnic area, sandy beach

-  the challenging paddling conditions!

-  start and finish of some major competitive paddling events

-  opportunities for socialising after a paddle: The Left Bank (pub) and the more formal restaurant, The Red Herring

-  the paddle upstream past marinas towards cliffs of Rocky Bay, east & north bank

-  the paddle across the river & upstream past The Leeuwin Chewin kiosk & marinas towards Bicton, south and west bank

-  paddling below Stirling Bridge, major shipping area: it is forbidden & dangerous  

- busy narrow section of river: ferries, large pleasure boats throw up huge washes:not recommended for beginners: you must give way to larger craft

-  at times, strong tidal currents, wind and wind waves which can make paddling tricky



Chidley Point, via Caporn Street, Mosman Park or Bicton Baths via Blackwall Reach Parade car park, toilets, picnic area, sandy beach

-  the high cliffs of Blackwall Reach



-the paddle north to Mosman Bay or east to Point Walter

-  river traffic and large washes

-  rocks and shallow water close to banks

-  fishing lines

-  water skiers

-  tidal currents which can make paddling tricky

-  the wind which can be very strong here

Mosman Bay: Johnson Parade near Mead's Restaurant car park (at top of steep hill), toilets, restaurant, picnic area , barbecues, sandy beach, Swan Canoe Club

-  the paddle south to Chidley Point for views of fantastic riverside residences or across to Point Walter for coffee when the wind is favourable

-  paddling in the shelter of cliffs during westerly sea breeze

-  much river traffic associated with Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club to the north: better to paddle south

-  power boats & water skiers

-  fishing lines

Freshwater Bay, western shore: The Esplanade, Peppermint Grove street parking, grassed foreshore, kiosk, children's playground close by

-  the sheltered bay ideal for learning or for children

-  the paddle north towards high cliffs with houses perched on top

-  river traffic associated with Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

 -  many pleasure boats moored

Freshwater Bay, northern & eastern shore: Chester Road , Claremont car park, grassed foreshore,

-  the shelter during easterlies:

-  sandy beaches

-  Claremont Museum, beautiful homes, Point Resolution Reserve

-  the paddle past millionaires' row after Point Resolution, but not when there's a strong easterly/southerly

-  some shallow water with rocks close to shore

-  river traffic

- rough conditions when there is a strong sea breeze

Point Walter, Bicton, via Stock Road &/or Burke Drive, Attadale car park, toilets, picnic facilities, kiosk and casual restaurant

-  the sand spit

-  Blackwall Reach which has rocky limestone cliffs with small caves, to the west of sand spit (disembark & explore the historical markers along the cliffs)

-  sandy beach at Bicton with attractive residential area, yacht club, Bicton water polo baths

-  Melville Water which is notoriously difficult when windy: it cops easterlies & westerlies!

-  river traffic

-  shallow water to the east along the shore

Matilda Bay, Hackett Drive, Crawley car park, toilets, picnic facilities, barbecues, cafe and restaurant

-  some protection from south -westerly sea breeze in bay:

-  safe for children and learning to paddle

-  venturing further south to Jo Jo's Cafe & along Nedlands foreshore

-  the paddle east past the 'old Swan Brewery'

-  rough water during easterlies

-  yacht clubs & boat traffic

-  shallow water around Pelican Point

-  windsurfers south of Pelican Point

 The Narrows

via Mill Point Road

 car park, grassed area -  the start or finish line of some major competitive paddling events

-  exposed and rough with easterlies and westerlies!

-  river traffic

Car security - better to leave valuables at home!

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The contents of this site are copyright© 2000, Robyn Khorshid.
All Rights Reserved.