How Cats are treated in Australia (warning this could upset some people)

The above picture is from the Journal of the National Museum of Australia

Keep your pet cats safe. Sometime ago it was reported pet cats were disappearing around Perth, Western Australia. One possibility was that cruel people were killing pet cats and skinning them to sell to John Wamsley of Earth Sanctuaries who was/is paying bounties for cat skins (Wamsley's sanctuary likes pet cat skins and pedigree skins for their colour and texture).

A quote from the TV show Burke's backyard reads "The sanctuary sells cat skin rugs and cat skin hats. They are in need of cat skin suppliers and will pay $20 each for properly tanned cat skins."

One researched article discussing cats in Australia is Great Australian Cat Dilemma

Environment Australia (Commonwealth Department of the Australian Government) has mentioned there is no biological control agent for cats (ie a virus to kill them off like the viruses to kill rabbits) but they have a "Draft Threat Abatement Plan" for cats. If you have the stomach to read it - here is the link. And by the way, there was research into the possible use of viruses to kill cats in Australia at one time but the viruses were deemed too dangerous to use (lets hope the cat viruses don't escape to kill our cats as the hemorrhagic rabbit virus escaped from Wardang Island in 1995.)

Cat abatement plan (Ed:killing off the cats) by Environment Australia

Or search the Environment Australia for more goodies on how they recommend treating wild introduced cats in Australia

Environment Australia

Now who could forget operation "Western Shield" in Western Australia where regular arial baiting with 1080 kills cats, foxes and other animals ingesting large amounts of the baits

Visit Operation Western Shield for yourself (of course they don't show you photos of the cats who have died in agony from eating 1080 baits) Western Shield

You may like to subscribe to Landscope or visit CALM (Conservation and Land Management in Western Australia) to find more about how cats are killed in Australia (especially introduced wild cats, often termed "feral" to take away any dignity given to a life form). Landscope may contain some photos of cats who have died horrible deaths from eating cat baits.

Lets not forget one of Australia's best known Cat killers who was involved in starting Earth Sanctuaries (listed as an Ethical Investment).

A quote from the National Wildlife Federation reads "It all came to a head in 1991 at a second sanctuary he'd established, Yookamurra, about 75 miles northeast of Adelaide. Wamsley was removing feral animals there, and a group of animal protectionists turned up. Their leader announced that they would report Wamsley to the police if they saw him kill a cat. In those days, killing cats was against the law. Wamsley responded by striding out to greet the protesters wearing a hat fashioned from a cat pelt. His picture appeared on the front of almost every major newspaper in the country." Read the rest of this article at National WIldlife Federation ("International Wildlife" publication)

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