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Tony Millett and Lisa Mullany OSP, 1987 National Championships
Brett Mooney and Tanya Davis, Iceland Tango, 1990
Allan Wehlow and Helen Jackson, Metropolitan Tango, 1998
Ebony Cassady, pirate showskate, 2007
Lisa Cottrell, Intermediate Creative Solo Dance, 2009
Lynn Lu, Open Short Program, 2009
Team Majic, Junior International Precision, 2006

2018 National Championships

Andrew Beattie, Youth Solo Free Dance
Anne Edwards, Advanced Masters Creative Solo Dance
Brigitte Williams, Junior Solo Style Dance
Calista Aliphon, Cadet Solo Free Dance
Charli Nuttall, Cadet Solo Free Dance
Lainey Holmes, Juvenile Solo Free Dance
Phoebe Nuttall, Youth Solo Freedance
Ron Martinez and Haley Andrews, Advanced Masters Solo Dance

2017 National Championships

Madison Bright, Cadet Solo Freedance

2016 State Championsips

Ninjas, Quartet Showgroup