Artistic Champions' Gallery

This page is devoted to those of us who have headed the results list at state, national or international level.

Bradley Syme
2020 Novice Level 1 Mens Figures

Taylor McDonald
2020 Novice Level 1 Ladies Figures
2020 Novice Level 1 Ladies Solo Dance

Lauren Pudney
2020 Novice Level 2 Ladies Figures

Lainey Holmes
2021 State Preliminary Ladies Figures
2021 State Youth Ladies Solo Dance

Miles Vinar
2021 State Masters Mens Figures
2021 State Advanced Masters Mens Solo Dance

Amadee Bond
2021 State Espoir Girls Figures
2021 State Espoir Girls Freeskating

Alexandra Hull
2021 State Youth Ladies Figures

Lilian Johnston
2021 State Advanced Ladies Figures
2021 Preliminary Ladies Solo Dance

Norman O’Rourke
2021 Masters Mens Solo Style Dance

Angie Griffin
2021 State Masters Ladies Solo Dance
2021 State Masters Ladies Solo Style Dance

Barry Andrews & Haley Andrews
2021 State Masters Couples Dance
2021 State Masters Couples Style Dance

Anna Numan
2021 State Preliminary Ladies Freeskating

Madison Silvestro
2021 State Mini Girls Freeskating

Victoria Melhuish
2021 State Cadet Ladies Freeskating