<Inline Freeskater Image>

Also known as freestyle, this is arguably the most exciting part of the sport. Skaters demonstrate their ability to perform spins, jumps and sophisticated footwork in a choreographed routine.

You can freeskate using "quad" roller skates or inline skates - most skaters prefer "quad" skates, for the extra control they allow, but others prefer inline skates, partly because they are lighter. Special artistic inline skates are needed, like those in the photo - "street" skates don't have the toe stop you need for many moves in freeskating. You will also see the skates have three wheels, which gives better manoeuvrability, and the centre wheel is lower for the same reason.

To see some of the excitement - here are some videos of freeskaters in action.

Lynn Lu, Open Short Program, 2009
Ron Martinez, Masters Freeskating

The best time to see freeskaters at Morley is around 6 pm on Wednesdays. Please feel free to drop in and check out the action.