Inspired by a recent holiday in Vietnam Dressage features delicate shapes and silhouettes which reference the kite-flying and bicycle-riding folk of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The shift from working with acrylic to wood has allowed
the designer to explore the ideas of ‘hand-made’. She confides, “Because I hand-stain and varnish every cutout you can never predict the result. It just adds so much charm as no one piece is ever the same!”

Saddle up because dapple-grey will be galloping to the shelves of Australian boutiques this July! So check out your nearest retailer and nab yourself a dapple-grey necklace or brooch!

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“Horseplay & Ponytails”

dapple-grey took inspiration for its debut collection from an old 1950’s brooch found in the midst of a jewellery box owned by the designers mother. Two tarnished blue bird joined by a rusted chain enthused designer Renee Glastonbury to create a modern take on the idea.

The pieces in ‘Horseplay & Ponytails’ were designed using hard-wearing acrylic plastic, laser cut into intricate silhouettes that are strung onto fine chain.

The brooches and necklaces are a striking addition to anyone’s accessory collection. The vivid and unique pieces are perfect for making an outfit that little bit more playful.

‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different’ Coco Chanel

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