Ali + Jock's Wedding Photos

We had such a great day, more fun than we could ever have imagined. We were delighted with the ceremony, the venue, the music, the food, the weather, but mostly with the people who came and celebrated with us.
Here are a few images, clicking on the thumbnail will show you a larger version. There are captions that will pop up if you hover your mouse over the thumbnail image. I've scaled the images down so if you want any of them let me know and I'll get the full size image to you.
Thanks to Paul Olson of Paul Olson Photographics (9791 2923) who volunteered his services on the day. Also here are photos by Nev Meston, Jenny Bradbeer, Jamie Osborne, Chris Tann, Gordon Johnston and Tracey Lee-Pullen.
If you have any other photos, especially of the assembled horde, we'd love to have them and put them up here.