Thylacine is a Zorro 2 Amiga USB 1.1 Card
This Card is designed and manufactured in Australia.
Thylacine is a USB 1.1 Card for Amiga 2000, 3000 & 4000. OS3.9 recommended.
This card is currently Sold Out
NEWS: October 2012
Due to request from the Amiga community, we have decided to release all technical information for the Thylacine USB card in order for the community to keep the Thylacine USB alive.

Schematics Page 1
Schematics Page 2
Schematics Page 3

PCB files:
Protel PCB file
NOTE: The existing PCB boards have 5 mods:
On the front of the PCB: Picture of front of PCB
1) Jumper wire as shown just below PAL A
2) The crystal oscillator circuit just above the main SL811HS chip has 2 capacitors. The top is 33pF and the bottom is 22pF.
On the back of the PCB: Picture of back of PCB
3) A track is cut (indicated by arrow)
4) Decoupling capacitor attached on the main SL811HS chip as pictured
5) The 100 ohms resistor on the crystal oscillator circuit is changed to 680 ohms.

Bill of Materials: (This is a TurboCalc file)

Programmable logic files: Either PAL16L8 or GAL16V8 can be used. 5ns speed recommended.
PAL Source files:
PAL autocfg 1.1 source file
PAL control 1.2 source file
PAL JEDEC programming files:
PAL autoconfig 1.1 jedec file
PAL control 1.2 jedec file

Technical Documentation for the Scanlogic chip SL811HS:
SL811HS user manual

Compatibility guide
Gallery Updated
From our excess stock, we will sell a kit which comprises most of the major components to build the existing Thylacine card. Please note: The kit does NOT include a PCB and does not have all components required to build the USB card.
This kit contains:
1) SL811HS
2) Metal bracket (backplate) with screws
3) PLCC 28 pin socket for SL811HS
4) 74HC374 latch
5) 74F521 comparator
6) 74F245 bus buffer
7) USB A socket connector
8) USB power management chip
9) 12 MHz crystal oscillator

To order the kit for only AUD30 + Postage and Handling ($17.20 flat rate worldwide).

If you want to buy certain components in bulk, contact us directly.

Last Updated: 24 October 2012