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This page contains various resources specifically relating to the TIME OF THE DRAGON Campaign (such as session logs, campaign maps and player character profiles) which will be updated as and when new information becomes available.

Getting Started ( no places currently available )

If you would like to join the campaign, your first port of call is the Getting Started handout which summarises some key information, including the character generation process and online gaming ... (

The Taladas Rulebook The Taladas Rulebook

The Taladas Rulebook (which I've created from edited extracts from the Time of the Dragon and Tales of the Lance boxed sets) is a compilation of new player character (PC) races, adjustments to classes, as well as new PC kits for creating customised characters from the different peoples of Taladas. In addition to the new rules material, there is also information on adapting some of the existing rules to the special conditions of Taladas. While not all the information contained in The Rulebook is immediately relevant to players (eg. the effects of Krynn's moons on magic) this information is included for future reference ... (

Cast of Characters

Alaric Corinnus
Recorder of Baltch (Human Transmuter) played by Craig

Alaric hails from the island realm of Baltch. A bright-eyed and curious young man, a rarity in his homeland, Alaric has only recently began work as a Recorder having spent much of his early life at sea. Alaric is a wirey figure with dark brown hair, which is often found in disarray from another trip to the water, who prefers to wear his more common sea clothes than the robes of a Recorder. Deep down he is a curious individual who favours mental rather than physical endeavors.

Abaqua Hunter (Ogre Fighter) played by Billy

Bakta-Rel is an Abaqua ogre from the Ring Mountains of Northern Hosk. Coming from simple beginnings, Bakta-Rel was raised to be nothing more than a hunter. Not knowing what path he should take in life, after losing his family in an elven raid on his tribe, he has tried to make it on his own in the wilderness as a mercenary. But no one trusts an ogre.

Bart Brownhead
Marak Kender (Kender Fighter-Thief) played by Clif

Bart comes from the Marak Valleys on the lower slopes of the Steamwall Mts, Southern Hosk. Retaining more of the adventurous spirit that's common to the kender of Krynn, Bart is less paranoid than the rest of his fellow Marak. Leaving the Valleys to see the world, Bart seeks out adventure and the opportunities to gather lots of neat stuff along the way.

Nefertari | Amane
Elven Thief played by Megan

Nefertari (who is more commonly known by her alias of Amane) hails from a small town in the elvish kingdom of Armach, Southern Hosk. Turning to thievery after a tragic event changed the course of her life, Nefertari's early years on the streets of Sampica were far from easy. The young elven thief has tan skin, blue eyes and long brown hair – not to mention a few scars she has managed to pick up through her career.

Luthien Carnesir
Half-Elven Mage played by Dianne

Luthien comes from Armach-Nesti, Southern Hosk, the homeland of the Silvanaes elves. Although the young half-elf grew up on the coast in a fishing family, her true interests lay in the arcane arts. Wild and impetuous, Luthien grew tired of life by the sea and set out to explore inland. Luthien has flawless skin, unusual purple eyes and medium blonde hair.

Half-Elven Thief played by Rachel

Born in the land of Tamire, Anastrianna was the product of a one-night stand between a human innkeeper's daughter and an elven traveller. She has long, silver-white hair tied back in a braid, hanging to midback, which the young half-elf usually tucks into the hood of her cloak. Anastrianna's eyes are blue-green and her complexion is fair. Knowing there was more out there for her, Anastrianna left the sanctuary of her hometown to travel the world as she sees fit.

Retired Heroes

Elf Clan Shaman (Elven Cleric) played by Kenn

Astana'qui comes from the wild and savage plains of Tamire, Northern Hosk. Having travelled far from his people, known as the hosk’i imou merkitsa (the people of the land before the Cataclysm) in their tongue, and unfamiliar with the civilised surroundings of Southern Hosk, Astana'qui regards strangers with vigilant eyes. Marked with the tattoos of his Clan and his spirit guide, Astana'qui faithfully serves Quoyai to do what he can to maintain the balance of nature.

Adventure Logs

Last time in Taladas...

In addition to the adventure logs above, the following is a record of the campaign so far. Our story begins with three strangers to The League travelling down the Lenika River on their way to the town of Jalum, each for reasons of their own ... (

Campaign Movie!

In honour of the campaign's first anniversary I've created a short movie clip (1:39 min) of some excellent artwork by Stephen Fabian from the Time of the Dragon boxed set, which I've set to some appropriately atmospheric music ... (

Gaming Online

As noted elswhere, the campaign uses the
ScreenMonkey RPG chat utility. The program is simple, stable and very user friendly. It has some great features including a dice rolling utility, the ability to keep a transcript of the game and an interactive map option. The system requires no player downloads. Players just connect to the program from any modern web browser.

How it works: ScreenMonkey is essentially a highly specialised web-server designed for online gaming. When Game Masters launch the program (and only the GM needs to run the program), they're running a web-server right on their own computer.

How to log into the chatroom: The makers of ScreenMonkey maintain a page on their website that receives game announcements from the ScreenMonkey program, and display them as web links to players. This Game Announcements page can be viewed at www.nbos.com/announce/gamelist.php

When you go to the Game Announcements page, you will see a list of games that have been announced. All you need to do is follow the link to the game entitled "Time of the Dragon Campaign". When you do this, you will be presented with a login screen. Simply enter your name and password (the password will be supplied once you have joined the campaign). Easy!

Taladas Yahoo! Group

Along side the TIME OF THE DRAGON Campaign website, I have also set up a Yahoo! Group to keep everyone up to date with the various house keeping issues that seem to pop up during a campaign. This page also enables players to post images, leave messages and have discussions between games. New players should sign up at

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