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Flyboards by Spleene - German snowboard engineering - all boards RRP AUD $1100 incl GST

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WinDesigns Australia custom boards deliver great all-round performance with outstanding upwind ability, high speed stability, great wind range, good wave riding capability and easily handle big air, spins and loops. Our shaper has more than 30 years experience with surfboards and sailboards and all shapes have been designed and personally tested by Ian Young (pioneer of kite surfing in Oz and owner/ operator of Australia's first Kite Surfing School - since 1998).

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Ian wave-riding a standard 210 directional at Gnaraloo Sep 2002

The most popular size is 210cm x 40cm. All boards have the following features:

bulletFoam core with triple glass reinforcing to take landings after big jumps and loops. Custom vacuum bag epoxy boards can also be made to order.
bulletRocker profile is designed for early planing but able to prevent spin outs in strong winds and nose diving in chop and steep take-offs when wave riding.
bulletMost customers choose to use five Fin Control System (FCS) fins. FCS makes changing fin size and going from three to five fins quick and easy (a small hex driver is provided) - this also makes replacing broken fins (rarely happens unless submerged objects are struck or landing jumps side-ways) cheaper and much quicker to get back on the water - FCS fins are readily available almost anywhere in the world.
bulletForward fins are just behind the front footstraps better high speed stability and upwind performance is achieved without any degradation in jibing ability.
bulletForward leg rope attachment plugs ensure that the board trails easily after a fall and still being pulled by the kite.  Dramatically reduces board "submarining". Plugs can be placed to the rear if you wish.
bulletMultiple footstrap plugs are provided to allow one or two straps forward.  One strap forward is standard and can be either straight across of on an angle for natural foot only or goofy foot only.  You can still easily switch stance when jibing with one front strap across the board.
bulletWe can do custom boards with graphics to your design.
bulletTwo deck grip pads are standard.
bulletGreat for tow-in surfing when there's no wind!
bulletWe can ship anywhere in the world by any means (and cost) the customer chooses.

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"Rail Fin"
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The "rail fin" is a radically design developed by Ian Young in 2003 that has the following features:

bulletmaximizes the full wind range of your kite without switching boards -
bullet160cm x 38cm but still planes as early as the larger directional
bulletholds an edge like nothing on the planet
bulletreleases easily on command for bigger air after loading up to the max
bulletsurprisingly carves beautiful turns on the flat and in the waves including high speed snap turns
bullethigh speed stability

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