Spaceview Case Styles

The following list has been compiled from the Accutron Case Parts Catalog 1974, Supplement #1 to the Case Parts Catalog 1979, and the Accutron Crystal Manual 1968. I do not guarantee that this list is 100% complete, but it certainly won't be too far off it. There may be a few of the 7000 series missing, but these are the large "anniversary" style Spaceviews and not really possible to fake. Of most concern are watches with case numbers up to #4000.

I'll bet you are as surprised as I am at how few case styles were sold as factory Spaceviews. There are certainly far less than the great variety which can be seen for sale on the internet. See below for instructions on checking your case number.

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Location of the Case Number

If you have doubts as to the authenticity of your watch, you will need to check the case number. This will involve removing the watch back, as the number is printed or stamped on the inside of the case back. The Serial Number stamped on the outside of the watch back is not relevant to the case style. It is recommended that the back only be removed by an experienced watch repairer to avoid damage to the case and movement, and to prevent the ingress of dirt into the watch.

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Printed Case Number
(3 or 4 digits)
Stamped Case Number
(3 or 4 digits)

The number was printed in indelible black ink, or stamped into the metal. Of course, a printed number is subject to possible tampering, so check very carefully for signs of the original number having been removed and a fake one added. What is the world coming to that we have to go to such lengths to avoid being ripped off???