Directions for setting ACCUTRON Astronaut Mark II

Setting Procedure

The unique feature of the ACCUTRON Astronaut Mark II is that the hour hand may be "advanced" or "backed-up" in exact one hour increments without disturbing the minute and seconds. This permits the traveller to readjust the hour hand of his watch to agree with local time as he crosses into new time zones. In addition a reference hour hand (see Pic. 1) or digital hour read-out, in a window, (see Pic. 2) depending upon the style, will continue to display his home-base time as he moves from one time zone to another. The date indicator is controlled from the (local) hour hand and for this reason it is important to follow the setting instructions as outlined below.

Align The Hour Indicators

1. Prior to setting the time, set the hour hand (A) to the same hour as home-base time (B). This is accomplished by turning hour setting crown (C) in the appropriate direction to advance or back-up the hour hand.

Caution: Hour setting crown (C) is to be ROTATED ONLY to move hour hand forward or backward. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PULL CROWN "OUT."

Set The Time

2. Pull "out" time setting crown (D) when second hand reaches 60 second marker. All hands will stop.

3. Advance the hands until date changes. (This establishes midnight.)

4. Now continue to turn hands forward until minute hand is slightly ahead of the desired minute marker and then turn back to this marker. (If setting the watch after 12 Noon, advance hands an additional 12 hours.)

5. When time standard by which you are setting your watch reaches 60th second, push time setting crown (D) to normal "in" position.

Set The Date

6. Rotate time setting crown (D) clockwise until the correct date appears in the date window.

Note: The date will advance automatically at midnight, provided a.m. and p.m. have been established. On the first day of each month, following a month with less than 31 days, advance the date manually (same procedure as step 6).

To Change Time Zones

The hour hand [A] can be changed at any time of the day without affecting the home time (B]. The change should be made as the wearer enters each time zone, "advancing" or "backing-up" the hour hand by rotating the hour setting crown (C). Upon returning local hour hand to home- base time, always retrace time zones in reverse procedure, so as not to change the calendar.

Note: If calendar changes at noon, correct by turning hour hand back 12 hours. Reset date as necessary.

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