Other Sites of Interest

Since this page was originally created in 1997, there has been an explosion in the number of internet sites related to watches. Unfortunately, most are related to just selling watches. If you are looking for technical information, then "Google" is probably your best bet, or watch forums like Timezone.com. Thus, it is virtually pointless in trying to update this page - probably impossible actually!

Neverthless, here are some I consider to be worth checking out:

The Collectors Weekly Weekly news magazine which has many interesting watch reviews.
Steven Stam Information Page on Accutrons
BHI The British Horological Institute home page
Dashto Horological Services Tom Mister's page for all watch and clock parts, and watches for sale.
Accutron History Page Tom Mister's Accutron History page. Accutron lovers GO HERE!
Horology.Com Extensive clock and watch-related Links
Timezone World's best forum for watch enthusiasts.
Swiss Watches Interesting technical information here
Watch, Clock and Horology Links Excellent and well organized links page to large range of sites.
Watch it! Another good tech page, magazine style