Hungry bandicoot
Wallaby on beach
Beach hibiscus
View from campsite
Surf on ocean side
Ocean side
Across Jumpinpin
Dune vegetation



South Stradbroke Island

South Stradbroke Island is a long (21 km) narrow (2.5 km at its widest) sand island running parallel to the coast just south of North Stradbroke Island. The island lies snugly against the mainland with a layer of sandbars and mangrove islands littering the channel between them.

The northern end of the island is an attractive place to paddle to and camp on. A campsite called the Bedroom is located on the west coast of the island close to its northern tip. It has toilets and is maintained by the local city council. The small Pandanus Island lies just off the beach creating a sheltered lagoon where boats anchor. This tranquillity is in marked contrast to the scene, a short walk away over the dunes, on the ocean side of the island where surf crashes onto the long, wide beach.

Wallabies can commonly be seen on the beaches of the sheltered western side of the island. At night you may be visited by demanding bandicoots which will help themselves to any food not secured.

Convenient launch sites are Cabbage Tree Point and Jacobs Well. Take advantage of falling tides when paddling from either of these two sites to South Stradbroke Island and return with a rising tide.