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North Stradbroke Island
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Peel Island



Sea Kayaking in SE Queensland, Australia

The coastline of SE Queensland is full of interesting places and a good way to explore them is by sea kayak.

This area is famous for the large sand islands that lie closely along much of the coast. Fraser, Bribie, Moreton and the two Stradbroke Islands (N and S) are majestic examples of this type. These are fascinating places to explore and can generally be accessed by relatively sheltered water.

However, there are other less well known sites along this coast that are equally worth visiting. The rocky Big Woody Island is an interesting contrast to its famous neighbour, Fraser Island. Peel Island in Moreton Bay is distinctive for its long, sheltered beach. And many people may not be aware of the coral reef that lies just off the beach of tiny Round Island in the Great Sandy Strait.

This website is a collection of my sea kayak trips in this area with photos (30-50 kB), maps and descriptions to help those keen to see the SE coast by sea kayak, or for those with a general interest in the area. If you're new to sea kayaking, take care, paddle to your ability and become familiar with your kayak before trying the more ambitious routes. A good book to help you is An introduction to Sea Kayaking in Queensland by Gerard Effeney.