Round Island
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Nesting box
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Round Island

Round Island is a very small island located about halfway between Urangan boat harbour and the northern end of Big Woody Island in the Great Sandy Strait. It's a low sand island approximately 100 m north-south by 150 m east-west. Low ground covering plants carpet the island beyond the sandy beaches which entirely circle the island and above this grow several tree and shrub species including casuarinas and native tamarinds.

Despite its diminutive size the island is an important habitat for sea birds. Pelicans and cormorants mass here on the beaches and at the eastern end of the island a tower with a nesting box has been erected. When I visited it was occupied by a pair of sea eagles. Care should be taken when visiting Round Island not to disturb the bird life. Landing on the southern beach and avoiding the eastern and western ends of the island where the birds congregate will help. A path connects the southern beach to the northern beach and in the middle of the island are several picnic tables.

At low tide, rocks to the north, west and south of the island are exposed but only those to the north are large and pose a danger to boats. Beyond these rocks further to the north of Round Island are coral gardens growing in 1-3 m of water. Several species of hard coral can be found here, thriving on the plankton carried past by the tidal currents.