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Peel Island - Moreton Bay

Peel Island is a small island located in central Moreton Bay about 5 km off Cleveland Point. It's about 4 km long, east-west by about 2 km wide, north-south. Mangroves fringe the north-eastern and western parts of the island and curving along the southern coast is the white sandy beach of Horseshoe Bay. There are rocks off the south-western tip of the island which should be avoided especially at low tide.

Camping in designated areas is allowed and there are toilets located in Horseshoe Bay. No water is provided. The sheltered water of this bay is a popular anchorage and on a typical weekend many boats will be moored here. The wreck of the Platypus is located just off the eastern tip of the island.

Launch from one of the sandy beaches in Raby Bay, paddle past Cleveland Point taking care to avoid the rocks off this point and continue out into Moreton Bay and Peel Island.