View to N Strad Island
Coloured sand
Eroded "coffee rock"
Crab in shallows
View from N Strad
Sand cliffs
View to N Strad
Pigface plant



North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah)

North Stradbroke Island is a large sand island, 37 km long and 11 km wide, that lies off the coast of SE Queensland near Brisbane. Between it and the mainland are the shallow waters of the southern half of Moreton Bay. Towards the south where North Stradbroke is quite close to the mainland, there are numerous small mangrove islands nestled between it and the mainland. The passages between these islands are sheltered, shallow and prone to strong tidal currents. To the north the bay opens out, there are fewer islands and the waters are more exposed. At the northern end of North Stradbroke are the settlements of Dunwich, Amity Point and Point Lookout but the southern end is largely free of development.

Like Fraser Island, North Stradbroke is composed of multiple layers of sand which, because of their different mineral composition, vary in colour from the dark "coffee rock" sand through orange and yellow to bright white sand. In places the layers of sand are eroding steeply into the sea forming cliffs of coloured sand.

Kayaking trips to North Stradbroke Island should be planned to take advantage of the tidal currents, especially when paddling through the maze of small islands in the southern part of the bay. In this area, the tide empties out through Jumpinpin passage which separates the southern tip of N Stradbroke from the northern tip of South Stradbroke Island. Interestingly, the two islands were originally one until Jumpinpin was formed during a storm late in the 19th century.

A convenient access point to explore the southern part is the small town of Cabbage Tree Point. The sandy beaches of Raby Bay provide good launch sites to paddle to the northern part of North Stradbroke Island. There is a campsite with no facilities on the east side of Short Island looking across to the southern tip of North Stradbroke Island.