Conical & Corroboree from N Keppel
Conical Island
Conical Is from N Keppel
Corroboree & N Keppel Is
view over Mazie Bay
Considine Bay
G Keppel from Middle Is
Miall Is from Middle Is
G Keppel from Middle Is
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Wildlife in the Keppel Bay Islands


Keppel Bay Islands

Keppel Bay is located on the Queensland coast near Rockhampton. The bay is a large body of relatively shallow water that is quite exposed to the prevailing SE winds. The main attraction for seakayakers is the chain of islands that runs about 5-10 km off the coast. There are about a dozen islands, varying in size from Great Keppel Island (1450 ha) to Conical Island (7 ha). The coastline and the islands are characterised by rocky headlands, streep hills and sheltered sandy beaches. There are numerous fringing coral reefs around the islands, especially off the rocky headlands.

Most of the islands are part of Keppel Bay Islands National Park. The exceptions are Great Keppel Island, Pumpkin Island and Wedge Island. The first two of these have resorts on them. Basic supplies can be obtained from the shops in the resort on Great Keppel. Camping is not allowed on all NP islands. Camping with minimal facilities (only a picnic table) is allowed on Middle, Conical and Miall Islands. If you prefer the luxury of composting toilets and bore water showers (the water is too salty to drink) then Humpy and North Keppel Islands are the option. Note that the campsite on North Keppel (Considine Bay) is near a mangrove estuary and sandflies can be a problem. Water is a big factor when camping because most islands do not have a supply of fresh water so you'll have to carry your own.

Getting around the islands by seakayak is quite easy because there are plenty of sandy beaches to land on/launch from. There are not many walking tracks in the national park given the ruggedness and size of many of the islands and its undeveloped state. There are some tracks on North Keppel Island and these are worth the effort to explore. One connects Considine Bay in the north west with Mazie Bay in the south. There is a side track to a lookout with excellent views south over Mazie Bay towards Pumpkin and Sloping Islands and beyond to Great Keppel. You can continue past the lookout and complete a loop which follows the ridge of North Keppel to its summit and then heads north along the island's steep and rugged east coast. The views here are from horizon to horizon, taking in hills, valleys and cliffs of North Keppel and the azure sea dotted with islands. Simply spectacular. The track then turns west and descends back into Considine Bay. A must do if visiting Keppel Bay

The islands can be reached by paddling directly from the mainland or you can be dropped off by a charter boat on one of the islands and use this as a base to explore the other islands in daytrips. The advantage of this course is that you can take extra supplies, such as snorkling gear.