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Fraser Island by Sea kayak

This page describes my 8-day sea kayak trip to Fraser Island in July 2005.

Fraser Island (K'gari to the Butchalla aboriginal people) is a large sand island, 120km long, off the coast of Queensland. Fraser's southern half nestles close to the mainland coast and the northern half arcs out into the Pacific Ocean creating, with the mainland, Hervey Bay which is famous for the humpback whales that visit in spring. The island is fringed with sandy beaches and mangroves, has extensive forests including rainforest growing over the highest areas. Also well known are the numerous freshwater lakes spotted all over Fraser Island.

I paddled from Urangan on the mainland across the Great Sandy Strait to Fraser Island in my Q-kayaks Penguin sea kayak and then travelled up the western coast of the island as far as Awinya Creek before returning by the same route.