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Fraser trip

Day 8 - Coongul Ck to Urangan

Finally some relatively calm weather this morning, light SW winds filtering over the island, seas gentle, no whitecaps and no cloud. Packed up the camp and launched at about 8:30am. As I paddled further offshore out of the lee of Coongul Point I became more exposed to the WSW winds which, in combination with a chop from the W, made the going pretty tough.

Eventually, I got around Coongul Point and closer to Moon Point so that the long sand bank off Moon Point gave some shelter from the chop. The winds were quite cold so I landed near the car ferry offload at Moon Point and put on some thermal underwear under my kayaking top. As I changed I watched the Rescue boat towing a small speedboat back to the mainland. Relaunched and paddled past the southern tip of Moon Point Bank and into the Great Sandy Strait. The chop was worse here because there was no protection from sand banks but it was tolerable.

After an hour and half of hard work I was paddling around the N tip of Big Woody Island and the water and wind was calming. I had a good view of the coral reefs located to the N of this island and Round Island. The incoming tide swung in behind me as I headed past the boat harbour and toward the beach at Urangan. A pretty strenuous paddle of about 24km but a very rewarding end to a wonderful trip.

Sunrise | Big Woody Island | Coral reef
Round Island | Urangan beach