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Fraser trip

Day 6 and 7 - Coongul Ck

There were strong NNW winds, choppy seas breaking onto the beach, horizon to horizon cloud and many whitecaps visible out in the bay when I woke. And the conditions were deteriorating so I made the right decision yesterday to head SW rather than continuing towards Wathumba. No kayaking today. While I watched the bleak view, a sea eagle flew over using the lift of the NW wind off the dunes.

As the cloud lifted, I walked S along the beach to the mouth of Coongul Ck and explored the estuary which runs parallel to the beach in behind the dune. This estuary is wide in places, lined with mangroves and with extensive sand flats. When I returned to the camp the wind was very strong so I decided to lay my tent flat to reduce the strain on it. About 3:30pm the winds reduced, swung to the SW and the evening was quite calm. As the sun set I watched the numerous honeyeaters squabble over the banksia blossoms.

Day 7

The conditions on day 7 were similar to those of day 6 and so I did no kayaking. Most of the day was spent walking along the beach and reading novels by the tent. Was surprised in the early afternoon by a visit from an F-111 which was flying along the beach at very low altitude.

Dune plants | Rough seas | Coongul Ck | Sunset