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Fraser trip

Day 5 - Bowarrady Ck to Awinya Ck to Coongul Ck

The day dawned wet with showers rolling over. There was a light swell from the N following a light NE breeze. The rain appeared to be clearing so I packed up. While packing I noticed small fish (about 10cm long) in Bowarrady Ck.

I launched from the mouth of Bowarrady Ck at 9:30am and headed NE towards Awinya Ck. When I arrived off Awinya I had some trouble locating the mouth of the creek so I landed on the beach to explore this attractive location on foot. I found an estuarine lagoon with mangrove trees in behind the beach and the mouth of the creek well to the S of where I was expecting. The entrances of the four creeks I visited on this trip (Coongul, Woralie, Bowarrady and Awinya) were all shifted southwards, presumably by the southward longshore drift of sand on this coast of Fraser Island.

Although I had intended to camp at Awinya Ck and travel further N to Wathumba Ck I decided to head back S today while the weather was fine because the forecasts were for strong NW and SW winds which would make it difficult to retrace my steps. So, after a look at Awinya Ck, I launched and headed SW back in the direction I had come. The weather remained fine for the rest of the day and the calm seas made for a very pleasant day's paddle. The shallow clear blue water over the sandy bottom provided great visibility and I watched small fish schooling and a sting ray gliding along as I paddled SW passed Bowarrady and Woralie Cks. A turtle surfaced near to my kayak but he headed back for the depths pretty smartly.

I headed to a campsite that I had discovered earlier in the trip about a km along the beach from my first campsite near Coongul Point. This site was set amongst casuarinas just behind the beach and close to a freshwater section of Coongul Ck. I arrived at about 2pm at the end of a 20-22km paddle and set up camp. In the afternoon the breeze swung around to the NW as predicted and picked up speed, the sea was still quite calm.

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