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Fraser trip

Day 4 - Bowarrady Ck

More rain fell in showers during the night. I woke early and went down to the beach to watch the sunrise. There were light S winds and the calm sea made for a beautiful scene. It appeared windier further out in the bay. Brahminy kites were circling above and numerous swallows were flying low over the creek and down to the lapping waves.

Later in the morning I explored along the beach N and S of Bowarrady Ck getting a closer look at the sandy cliffs above the beach ranging in colour from dark brown to yellow and white. Two 4WDs arrived from Woralie Ck and 6 guys fished around the mouth of Bowarrady Ck without much success that I could see. They left in the afternoon leaving their scraps to the sea eagle and several brahminy kites.

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