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Fraser trip

Day 3 - Coongul Point to Bowarrady Ck

Clearer weather this morning, calmer seas and wind from the S which the island provides some shelter from. While packing up my campsite, a dingo appeared and wandered along the beach near me. It circled around my campsite looking towards me hoping for food.

After the dingo had left I loaded my kayak, launched at 8:30am and headed NE along the coast towards Bowarrady and Awinya Cks. I was intending to camp near one these creeks. I paddled parallel to the beach, about 100-200m off it, with a following swell and breeze. North of Woralie Ck the landscape of Fraser changed from low lying casuarina forest or wallum to higher vegetation-covered dunes eroding into the sea, in some places forming steep cliffs.

A sea eagle soared over me as I approached Bowarrady Ck and I decided to stop at this pleasant location beaching at about 11am after an 11-12km paddle. Soon after I arrived on the beach a wedge-tailed eagle circled overhead. After unpacking and setting up camp I did some exploring in the local area. Bowarrady Ck, which remains freshwater right to the sea, winds towards Hervey Bay in a valley between the higher ground. It is lined by paperbark trees (melaleuca) with some eucalypts further away from the creek's banks and pandanus plants closer to the beach.

In the afternoon some light cloud began to build up over Fraser and moved NW into the bay. The winds were varying in strength and direction (SW-SE) and the sea calmed. After dinner a light rain shower fell.

Dingo | Fraser coast | Bowarrady Ck | Pandanus
Bowarrady Ck | Bowarrady Ck | Kayak near camp | Kayak at sunset