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Fraser trip

Day 2 - Coongul Point

I Woke up to strong SW winds with a W swell breaking on the beach. Plenty of whitecaps were visible out to sea. No kayaking today.

Two visitors last night: some light rain which cleared away before dawn and a dingo which took an unhealthy (from my point of view) interest in one of my water bladders. I had 2 of these bladders (in addition to 8 bottles of water) which I left next to my tent the previous evening but in the morning one was missing. I found it about 10m away punctured by sharp teeth and empty.

Because the conditions are unsuitable for kayaking I decided to walk along the beach to Woralie Ck (about 16km return). The vegetation behind the beach was typically casuarinas with occasional patches of eucalypts and banksias. In one area low, shrubby wallum vegetation predominated. Woralie Ck is a small creek running fresh into the sea. The return leg into the strong SW winds which were whipping up sand from the beach was quite tough.

Beach | Woralie Ck | Beach at sunset | Beach at sunset