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Fraser trip

Day 1 - Urangan to Coongul Point

After spending the night in Maryborough, I arrived at Urangan at about 8:30am and headed for the beach just south of the boat harbour after picking up some last minute supplies and breakfast. By the time the kayak was packed with all my gear and about 12 days worth of food and water the time was 9:30am. The weather was fine with very light N winds and calm seas. I launched and headed NE passing to the north of Round Island and Big Woody Island. Progress was steady with virtually no breeze and a barely perceptible NE swell following what breeze there was but neither provided much resistance. The yellow beaches at the northern end of Big Woody Island (on both the east and west coasts) were visible.

A small sailboat passed me under power and offered me a tow! I declined. I arrived at Moon Point Bank at about 11:30am and stopped for a short break. This sand bank, which is quite large, is situated several km off Moon Point of Fraser Island and the water around it is usually crystal clear and turquoise in colour. A woman and several children were relaxing under a beach umbrella planted in the light sand of the bank. Their means of transport was nowhere to be seen. The small sailboat that had passed me earlier had moored alongside the bank just before I arrived.

After enjoying the beauty of Moon Point Bank I continued on to Fraser and paddled NE parallel to the island's coast north of Moon Point. Some chop built up over the submarine sand banks off this part of Fraser. Paddled past Coongul Point and continued for a couple of km before beaching at about 1:30pm after a paddle of about 22km. I didn't see much wildlife on the paddle: the usual gulls, cormorants and pelicans. The wide beach along this part of Fraser is lined by casuarina trees about 3-4m high. I set up my camp amongst the casuarinas and watched the sun set over the beach at low tide. The breeze picked up in the evening and swung towards the W.

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