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Rosacea Photographs

Some brave souls on the list have posted their pictures. I trust that you will feel some kind of encouragement from these photographs.
gh-rosascea.jpg gh-author.jpg
More than fifty doctors and far more holistic practitioners told me I would never be healed from Rosacea that plagued my life for seven years. I discovered through trial and error the natural building blocks of the immune system that led to a complete, drug-free cure. This picture with Rosacea was taken when I was 42 and not able to read or drive. I healed by age 44 with no scars and my eyesight returned. I'm currently 64 years old and own vibrant health; my healing became my path for helping others. I wrote Joy-Full Holistic Remedies and have CDs on healing Rosacea and healing hidden hurts. Go to my web site when you need encouragement and hope. Believe always that you can heal.

Georgie Holbrook

divadchri1.jpg divadchriflush.jpg
It looks like the profile section needs more photos and pictures showing how bipolar this disease is.

I've included one of me "normal" and "flushed."

This first photo is me fooling around in my father's camera shop. It was taken 6/2/03. As of now, I've had about 10 laser treatments (some good, some bad), use White Sage Cream (Eclectic Institute) for moisturizer, and Tinted Zinco on my face. Also eye lid scrubs and 1500mg tetracycline for my eyes.

The second photo was taken 6/3/03, right after exercise; I intentionally got really warm for the pic. This is about as bad as I can look (I have to actively court a flush to get this way). The "surprised" look is so you can see my eyelids.

I'm continuing with laser, thinking low-dose accutane is somewhere in my future. High-fives, all around, to all my fellow rosaceans.

David Christian,

chuck1.jpg chuck3.jpg chuck3.jpg
What about this nose? Finally going to get MetroGel. This started when I was in my 30s but didn't know what it was because it would go away for long periods of time. Now, the remissions are measured in minutes.

Update: Following 3 weeks of treatment with MetroGel applied twice daily. See after 3 weeks and progress.


beth.jpg This is a recent photo (May 2001) taken of me with my sister's dog. My last Photoderm treatment was July, 2000. I no longer use any topicals, and rarely have any flushing or breakouts. I would say at this point, as reflected in this shot, my skin is as "normal" as it's been since I was first diagnosed in '97.


derek.jpg Here's a photo of me next to my sister. I too wasn't brave enough or, for that matter, have any photos of me when I was red as a radish.This is me with my sister from last summer.


LauraMay06.jpg I wanted to submit my photo, even though I'm not proud of my skin. This picture was taken on the first day of MetroGel treatment (5/06/01). I've had rosacea and have pretty much looked like this every day for the last 3 years, often worse than this. I never felt my condition was "severe" but after looking at the other photographs on your site, I felt you needed some more really red faces to balance the treated ones. Hopefully the "after" will be a big improvement!

Thanks for having this site!!

Laura T.,

Kirsten.jpg Here is a photo of myself, taken today (May 1, 2001). I always dread summer......My rosacea is mainly on my nose, though my entire face heats up. It used to come and go on a daily basis, but it seems to have become permanent over this past month (I've had it for most of my life!)

Kirsten, .

JCFlare01.jpg JCFlare02.jpg JCPortrait.jpg
The first two photos were taken March 2000, about two weeks after TX #1, during a moderate flareup.

Jim C,

The third photo is a portrait shot which was taken July 2000, a couple of months after TX #5. I've had 10 TX's now, and my conditon is substantially improved. An additional benefit has been significant tightening of the skin and elimination of sagging and wrinkles around the facial and neck areas.
nan+me.jpg This is after two years of getting this under control, treatments like Photoderm and microdermabrasion work wonders. This was taken last New Years Eve. I have managed to keep this under control since with alot less drastic measures, so that goes to show that there is hope and solutions.


PeteUSA.jpg Pete+Car.jpg
This one was taken about four years ago during a holiday in San Francisco. A ew months after this was taken I discovered by chance that I had rosacea. It only showed itself in very strong sunshine. This was taken in the UK five months ago in the summer just after I bought the car shown. My rosacea was only mild to start with but had started to show signs of becoming worse. By taking the prescribed medication and using other means I have managed to bring the disease under control but I still have to watch out for the usual triggers.


newyears1999.jpg Venice.jpg
Here I am with my husband last New Year's Eve (1999) -- no alcohol that evening, but even the makeup wasn't hiding the redness. And here's a picture of me in Venice just a week after blistering from Photoderm (updated 24th June 2001). The ZincO helps enormously (for both the redness and hiding that terrible scab on my chin from a distance), one of my best finds on the Rosacea group site!


patricia1999.jpg This is one about a year old, where I am flushing after a glass of wine (a sin I have since had to give up, for obvious reasons).


mlleonard2.jpg This was taken last summer at the Eastern Shore (NJ) after several days at the beach. I have had 3 Photoderm treatments, but needless to say, I don't stay out of the sun when on vacation!


atPC.jpg livingroom.jpg
One of myself at PC was taken the morning after a 'night on the town' when I normally look wretched.


me in my living room
Rozi1.jpg I know I do not look as if I have rosacea but, makeup does wonders! Yes these are my children. And after my first child, thats when my rosacea appeared. My treatment is as follows: Wash with Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing BAR and then I dab the Rosacea-Ltd disks on cheeks then I follow with the zinc cream. If you can remember, I am the one that was recently dignosed with h. pylori and since the treatment I would still say I have a mild case of rosacea. When I wake up in the morning you can really tell I have rosacea. I have more of the redness than anything.


Sydney.jpg This is a picture of me taken about 2 years ago! my face was not feeling flushed at the time. just it's "normal" red tone.

Go ahead and post this if you want. i never used to mind having my picture taken. but now i stand out so bad with a glaring red face. i hate it!


mild rudolph 1 mild rudolph 2 me, now
Probably, like most of us, I don't have any photos of me at my worst. These 2 photos actually don't look that bad, but at the time I felt like a real rudolph. Back then I was on Bactrim and Rozex, and this was the best that I could look. I am no longer using either of these treatments.


Now, just last week (December 2000). I am 5 years older, and am wearing the wonderful tinted ZincO. It is a great concealer, but these days there is lots less to conceal.

I have taken some pictures of Rosacea red nose from some recent flares.

DraMapuRanucciF marianaymapu
As my rosacea comes and go I donŽt have photos of me of these days, in which my face has so much redness, with some pustules (since September). So I have sent you a photo of the "before" and "middle", and soon if IŽll take photos of myself now (the "after"), IŽll send it to you.


I am the one who is not smiling so much.
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