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Welcome to the home page of Brian Bush, Manager of Snakes Harmful and Harmless - ABN 12 676 823 869. Snakes H & H is a Western Australian based company since April 1987. We provide educational lectures and displays on reptiles generally for special interest groups, schools (pre-primary through to tertiary and especially ESL students), or specifically venomous snakes such as in Occupational Health & Safety Courses relating to environmental danger for corporations, mining companies, all levels of government, the military, etc.

Busho's standard snake catching kit - the only universally safe technique & equipment to safely catch wild, dangerously venomous, pugnacious snakes worldwide!

Click here to get your free copy of the following booklets - "Snakes and Snake-like Reptiles of the WA Pilbara & Goldfields." or, "Snakes and Snake-like Reptiles of the WA Kimberly." or, "Snakes and Snake-like Reptiles of Southern Western Australia." - Important resources for regional workers, residents and medical professionals living in, or visiting these areas.

I have been around reptiles all my life. One thing became obvious at a very early age: there is more myth associated with Australia's 214 plus species (Oz Checklist) of snake than any other faunal group! The most widespread and ridiculous of these concerns Auselapid venom toxicities. No doubt, this is a result of our European ancestry. There are 138 described species (82 in WA) and several known but undescribed taxa of fixed front-fanged venomous snakes (elapids/hydrophids) here, yet our deadliest venomous animal, considering human fatalities, is the exotic honeybee. Check my link to Australian Venomous Snakes to learn more!

Much of the information available here is orientated towards Australian and particularly Western Australian herpetology.

2010 - Field Guide to Reptiles and Frogs of the Perth Region

2011 - Field Guide to Snakes of the Pilbara Western Australia

*Brian Bush's first book on regional reptiles was published in 1981 (Reptiles of the Kalgoorlie-Esperance Region) - this Pilbara snake book, co-authored with Brad Maryan, comes thirty years later!

Identification card on Snakes of Southwest for tool or glovebox (Large pdf doc - 35mbs)


The Registered Trademark, "The Original lizard in a hat®" came about because Barry Bobtail and I have an uncanny resemblance!

This footage is kindly provided by National Geographic Television.

This great photo of BB and BJ kindly provided by Des Vlietstra, Elasto Plastic Concrete Pty Ltd

King Brown Snakebite: Victim's account!

A copy of the March, 2021 WA SNAKEBUSTERS

NOTE: Telephone numbers included may change without notice. Snakebusters are volunteers and not employed by the WA government, so may not always be available.

Keep your eyes open for the lateral-thinking book,

Reptiles and Frogs in the Bush: Southwestern Australia

Sorry, but this book is out of print.

Gecko Pics & others

This home page provides links to information on my personal herpetological opinions, etc.



THE BUSHMAN SONG by Slim Whitman & Chuckabillies


WASAH Newsletters 1994-2005

CANE TOAD: A POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE (don't put all your eggs in one basket)

CLIMATE CHANGE: BRING IT ON! (Open letter - especially to politicians & scientists)


PET REPTILES ALLOWED IN WA SINCE 2003. (with Licence Application)

Pencil-sized, black-headed diurnal snakes

In search of McKenzie's Chenopod Dragon

Snakes and Snake-like Reptiles of the WA Pilbara & Goldfields

Snakes and Snake-like Reptiles of the WA Kimberley

Snakes and Snake-like Reptiles of Southern Western Australia

Myth: "kingbrowns" and brownsnakes

Myth: bobtails and snakes

Goannas - Oz's largest lizards

Legless Lizards

Where did Carnac Island snakes come from?

Snakes: predators on mice


A Radical Conservation Plan for the Western Swamp Turtle & a Response by Dr Gerald Kuchling

Deaths in Western Australia involving snakes


Educational & Project Material

Published Papers

Australian Venomous Snakes

On fangs: grooved or hollow?

An ongoing study of polymorphism

A Report to CALM on Pest Snake Removal by Snakebusters



Inclusion Body Disease in Western Australia

Cats, Dogs and snakebite

"Snakes are more reliable than dogs!"

About the inaugral WASAH president.

A great dragon!

A new Pilbara goanna named after Brian Bush!

Atomic Worm Lizard on the Montebellos rediscovered!

A new Taipan for Western Australia!

Sir David Attenborough and Brian Bush at Whiteman Park, Perth, Western Australia in November '06 during sequential filming for BBC's Life in Cold Blood. Although in his eighties, Sir David's professionalism and sense of humour are obvious. He only needs to do every take once! Also, note in the photo where the fingers of his left hand are!

Children have an affinity with reptiles as is illustrated in these photos provided by Guildford Grammar Primary School

I also provide a teachers' information package

This resource should allow teachers to plan lessons on reptiles. Basic activity sheets are also available if required. Contact me from school at the email address below.

For information on the best book (short-listed for 1996 WA Premier's Award & made the Best-seller List for non-fiction in Western Australia, Dec. '95) on Perth regional herps, click here

For CITES Listed reptiles and amphibians click here

For the Australian Herpetologists' E-mail Address Directory (Compiled and updated by Geordie Torr, JCU) click here


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