Name. Lachlan Harvey

Age. 16

Currently living. Brisbane, QLD

How did BMX find you. Our friends were racing one night and said that you should come out and do it.

Years racing. 10 years

Name. Lachlan Harvey

Age. 12

Years racing. 7 years

Current ranking.

Finaly allowed back on the bike just before the Australian titles and unfortuantley unclipped out of the gate in my 20" semi.
4th in Australia for the 15-16 boys Cruiser
1st in Queensland for the 15 boys
6th in Queensland for the 15-16 boys cruiser
I didnt race any major races because of injury's
3rd Australia for the 13 boys


4th in 12 Boys World BMX Championships
5th in 11-12 Boys Cruiser World BMX Championships
1st in 11 Boys Queensland Title
4th in 12 Boys Australian BMX Championships

8th in 11 Boys World BMX Championships
2nd in 10 Boys Queensland Title
3rd in Boys Cruiser Queensland Title
2nd in Boys South Queensland Title
2nd 11 Boys DK Series

6th in 10 Boys Australian BMX Championships
1st 10 Boys DK Series

Current race bike.
Redline Flight Team Carbon 2013. Redline Flight cruiser 24"

Career highlights: Getting World #4 & #5 in Australia

Local Club. Pine Rivers

Other states or countries you have raced in. China, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, New Zealand, Britian, A.C.T.

Favourite BMX event. They are all my favourite.

Favourite track. Pine Rivers.

Riders or other sports people who have inspired you. Sam Willoughby.

Favourite part of a track. The part with the biggest jumps.

What’s on your IPod. Music & Games.

Favourite food. Chocolate, spaghetti, lollies.

Favourite TV show. The Simpsons, Big Bang theory.

Favourite sports or hobbies outside BMX racing. Motorcross.

Worst crash on a bike. Ruptured spleen.

Best thing about racing BMX. Seeing friends all the time.

Career highlights. Getting W4 & 3A.

Long term Goals. Go to the Olympics.

What keeps you motivated. Going to the track to see my friends and racing them all.

Advice for young BMXer’s. Keep on racing.

People to thank. Redline, Mum & Dad & Rush.