Name. Katie Van Zanden

Age. 12

Currently living. Home Hill QLD

How did BMX find you. Friend of my family

Years racing. 7

Current ranking.  7A 20" 4A Cruiser 2Q 20", 4Q Cruiser, 1 FNQ, 4FNQ

Local Club. Burdekin

Other states or countries you have raced in. SA, NSW, WA, VIC

Current race bike. Redline Flight 2012

Favourite BMX event. Aussie's, Queenslands, Worlds

Favourite track. Burdekin

Favourite part of a track. Rhythm section.

What’s on your IPod. Various Music

Favourite food. Subway

Favourite TV show. Home & Away, Winners & Loosers

Favourite movie. Bring It On

Favourite web sites. Facebook, Free Online Games

Favourite sports or hobbies outside BMX racing. Dancing, Touch

Worst crash on a bike. Queenslands at Gladstone

Best thing about racing BMX. Keeps you fit. Meet new People. Travel.

Career highlights. My first Aussies at Newcastle.

Long term Goals. W1.

What keeps you motivated. My Dad.

Advice for young BMXer’s. Train hard. Listen to older riders.

People to thank.  Jeff Mills for getting me my start at Redline. Esther Milburn for my first coach. Tony Price for coaching me. Greg and Dale Denielson from BCR for helping me with my bike setup. Mum and Dad for support over the years and for Dad looking after my bikes. Bill for the opportunity for being with Redline Australia and for the bikes that he has given me.