Name. Kai Sakakibara

Age. 16

Currently living. Sydney, NSW

How did BMX find you. I used to go to kindy right next to Ashmore BMX track. I started riding there on my 12" bike and was not long after that I had signed up and started racing.

Years racing. 13 years

Current ranking. 8 Australia, 2 NSW

Local Club. Southlake BMX club

Other states or countries you have raced in. Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, USA, France, China, Denmark, South Africa, ACT, SA, VIC, QLD, WA, NSW, Great Britain.

Current race bike. Redline Flight Carbon Pro XL 2012

Favourite BMX event. World Championships

Favourite track. LMX BMX

Riders or other sports people who have inspired you. Sam Willoughby, Luke Madill, Robert De Wilde.

Favourite part of a track. Definatley rythm sections & pro-sections.

What’s on your IPod. I love Eminem

Favourite food. Japanese Food

Favourite TV show. The Simpsons

Favourite movie. Taken

Favourite web sites. www.bmx-videos.com

Favourite sports or hobbies outside BMX racing. Music, Riding skate parks and trails, sleeping

Scariest thing that ever happened to you.
Riding down Luke Madill’s supercross hill for the first time.

Worst crash on a bike. Crashed on a tiny jump out the front of our old house, and chipped a bone in my elbow. Quite embarrassing.

Best thing about racing BMX. I love the competition, the speed, the racing, and the travelling. I also really enjoy the atmosphere and the people and friends in BMX.

Career highlights. World No. 6 2005, Australia No. 1 2007, World No. 3 2008, Capatain of Australian Mighty 11’s Team 2008, World No. 3 2010,
World No. 4 2011

Long term Goals. To keep improving my BMX and make a career out of BMX.

What keeps you motivated. To get better at BMX every day.

Advice for young BMXer’s. Do your best and enjoy what you are doing.

People to thank. My parents and family, Troy Fisher, Luke Madill, Barry Harvey, Simon Radford, Bill De Maid, Masakatsu Mitsutake, Redline Bicycles, Blackman Bicycles, Velo Vita/TMO Sports, Peabody, Michram Industries and all the people who helped me get to where I am today.