Name. Josh Callan


Currently living.
Warburton Victoria

How did BMX find you. Ever sense I had the balance to walk I have been riding bikes. Than I friend took me to the local BMX track in Lilydale when I was seven, that’s when it all started.

Years racing.

Current ranking. National #3

Local Club. Lilydale BMX club

Other states or countries you have raced in.
Every State in Australia.
Most of Western Europe, France, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Italy, etc
USA and Canada
And of cause New Zealand

Current race bike.
Redline flight pro XXL. Soon to be Redline Carbon XXL

Favourite BMX event. Most SX events

Favourite track.
Most SX tracks, don’t really have a favourite, they are all a lot of fun to ride

Riders or other sports people who have inspired you. When I was younger I always looked up to Bubber Harris and Miky Day.
I have always been a huge motorcycle fan. So....

Valentino Rossi,
Kevin Schwantz
Mick Doohan
Casey Stoner
And Marco Simoncelli

Favourite part of a track. Pro Straights, Always got the best jumps and most tech rhythms

What’s on your IPod. Bliss en esso, System of a Down to Nick Cave.

Favourite food. Anything as long as it is in plentiful supply

Favourite TV show.
Don’t watch a heap of TV, so ill generally watch what ever is on.

Favourite movie.
The Castle

Favourite web sites.

Favourite sports or hobbies outside BMX racing.

Restoring and riding motorcycles

Worst crash on a bike.
Holland 2004 ruptured some of my small intestin.

Best thing about racing BMX.
The hole sport is amazing, hard to pick something out.

Career highlights.

World cup finalist in Holland Papandal this year, 2011, Finishing 6th.
World cup semi finalist, at the Olympic test event London 2011.
Member of national HPP Squad for 4 years running
3x world champ is a amateur, 2002, 2003 x2

Long term Goals.
As far as I can see is making the 2012 London Olympic games.

What keeps you motivated.
Meeting my goals

Advice for young BMXer’s .
Just have fun. Ride hard and see were it takes you. For the sport can give a lot back if you put in the work.

People to thank.
Redline Bicycles everybody involved in the bikes and the company
Cycling Australia and BMX Australia, my coach Wade Bootes
VIS and all the staff, Ben Willey my Gym coach
All my friends
But most importantly my family. All of whom have made it possible for my to do what I do.