Name Connor Pratt

Nickname Borgs

Age 15

Currently living Bundaberg QLD

How did BMX find you My dad took my brother and I out to the track when we were 3 and 6. Dad raced as a child and he thought we would enjoy it.

Years racing 12 Years

Current ranking        2A – 14 year Boys, 2A – 13/14 Cruiser
                                      1Q – 14 year Boys, 1Q – 13/14 Cruiser
                                      1CQ – 14 year Boys
                                       Member of the Qld 2012/2013 State Team

Local Club Bundaberg

Other states or countries you have raced in WA, SA, VIC, WA

Current race bike Sam Willoughby Redline Carbon Pro XL 2013

Favourite BMX event 2009 State Titles - Ashmore

Favourite track Mt Gambier

Riders or other sports people who have inspired you Sam Willoughby and Luke Madill

Favourite part of a track Jumping Sections

.What’s on your IPod Music and games

Favourite food Pasta

Favourite TV show. Big Bang Theory, Turtle Man, Rugby League Games (NRL)

Favourite movie BMX Bandits

Favourite sports or hobbies outside BMX racing Touch football, scooter riding, dirt bike riding, athletics, basketball

Scariest thing that ever happened to you Brain surgery

Worst crash on a bike Local track – broke my collar bone and tore ligaments in AC Joint

Best thing about racing BMX The love of racing, meeting new people, racing different tracks, catching up with friends, travelling to different places.

Career highlights Achieving 2A in both classes at Nationals, making  the State Team and being part of the Redline Australia Team

Long term Goals Ride at the Worlds and the Olympics

What keeps you motivated The love of the sport.

Advice for young BMXer’s It is all about having fun and enjoying what you do. It is a great sport to meet and make new friends.

People to thank  My family, Redline and everyone who has helped me in my BMX journey so far.