Name Ben Keogh (But everyone calls me Buster)

Age. 14

Currently living Perth, WA

How did BMX find you Through a friend who was riding BMX at the time

Years racing 10 years

Current ranking 1WA 14 boys and 1WA 13-14 boys cruiser

Local Club. Wanneroo

Other states or countries you have raced in Queensland, NSW, ACT, Victoria and South Australia and of course WA

Current race bike 2013 Redline Carbon Fibre flight Pro XL

Favourite BMX event 2012 Cairns Nationals and 2013 Nerang Champbix was great fun but all events really

Favourite track Bunbury and Wanneroo in WA

Riders or other sports people who have inspired you Sam Willoughby

Favourite part of a track Rhythm sections

What’s on your IPod Songs – Mac Miller, Flume

Favourite food Sweets and Chocolate (although I keep it to a minimum!)

Favourite TV show Anything with BMX although don’t watch a lot of TV

Favourite movie Don’t really have a favourite movie – it’s always changing and depends on my mood.

Favourite web sites Facebook and Youtube

Favourite sports or hobbies outside BMX racing Racing MX in junior 150 and 250 class and Riding Skate Parks

Scariest thing that ever happened to you Nothing really comes to mind

Worst crash on a bike Had a few but Breaking my arm when I hit another rider (in Junior MX national finals). Also, not as serious from an injury point of view but did mess up my 2012 Nationals, had a big fall just before we flew out to Mount Gambier and stuffed my knee which affected my riding.

.Best thing about racing BMX Friends, travel and the fitness.

Career highlights 1WA, joining the Redline Team,  getting onto the State Development Squad for 2012 and 2013  and meeting new friends

Long term Goals. Be a professional BMXer

What keeps you motivated Friends and enjoyment of the sport and the desire to do better

Advice for young BMXer’s Keep going at it and most of all  –  have fun with it.

People to thank Mum and Dad, Redline Australia, Pal and Panther and all the friends I have made through BMX