Our 1950s Gypsy 10

Hi everyone Mr & Mrs Gypsy 10 here. We have just purchased a 1950s Gypsy 10’ (hence the name). Or love of vintage vans started in 2009 when returning from a vintage car rally called Austins Over Australia held in Perth WA. My wife’s brother towed his newly acquired 1952ish plywood van to Perth and we travelled back with him. We decided then that we would have to get one. I wanted a teardrop but saw the sense in my wife’s practicality for a full sized van. Unfortunately my little Austin A30’s are not able to tow the Gypsy so it’s a modern vehicle tow for now. We have met a few VVs as we spent 3 days with my wife’s brother at Cowra Nats.
The van needs exterior work to replace the calico covering and a complete repaint.
The inside is near original except for the Electrolux fridge which we will keep in the van (if it works – to be confirmed).
The van needs the electrics & gas lines to be checked.
Of course the sub frame springs, hubs & bearings will be overhauled.

The Restoration Begins

Removal of all the windows, annex clips, window gutters and all the other bric a brac that was attached to the van. Some interesting finds such as the sticker on the rear of the air vent and the stamp on the uderside of a cupboard panel.

We have done a few days work on the van and she now looks like this. An interesting find just right of the door written in pencil was (what we think it says) Possums Van then to the right of that Enter at Own Risk. I have show where it is by editing a picture. It has to be when it was being built as it is on the bondwood not on the paint. Strange the things you find. Mrs Gypsy took the picture showing how we have put the van on blocks whilst we wait for Mr Gypsy to clean and apint the chassis. Wend I asked her why she had taken the picture with me in it she said " had to show them that your a block head" She's a sweety. Any way below are a few more pictures

Work has been steadily progressing with Gypsy. As you see below the van is stripped and ready for paint. The windows have been cleaned and re sealed ready for installation.

So on one weekend we managed to paint the two side walls and door. After installing the two side windows it looked like this..

And on Sun the 2nd of Feb with the much appreciated help from my son and his wonderful wife work began on re Calicoing the main body of the van following some advice from the forum (thanks Kfisher). We started at the front as you can see. I must admit its a lot harder than you think but well worth the effort in the long run.

The last bit is a bit tricky but thanks to Mrs Gypsy's pegs it all worked out.

Then hey presto you end up with this. The van needs a few more top coats and some trim bits but we are getting there..

Oh and we removed the lino and gave it a good clean and seal so it will be going back in later in the process.

As you can see our Gypsy 10 is now hooked up to our car heading of for a blue slip (NSW Rego check for unregistered vehicles). The caravan passed with flying colours and came home fully road registered.

The following pictures are of our trip to our 1st Vintage Caravan nationals at Broken Hill. Picture 1 at Canowindra Showground and the annual balloon festival was on. Picture 2 mmmm let me think where was this. The next group of pictures are at Broken Hill Caravan Park and our van set up for display day.

This was taken on our way home. BTW the only issue we had on this 5000k 3 week trip was whilst at Broken Hill it rained and we had a little water leakage around the back windows which Mrs Gypsy and I installed. This has now been rectified (by professionalss).

More pictures and story to follow.